Not Sure?

Not sure about certification? No worries.

Check out the B Impact Assessment. It's a free, confidential, and pretty darn useful tool to benchmark your impact and sustainability program, as well as learn how you can improve, even if you never get certified.

More than 16,000 businesses are already using it. For most companies, doing a rough cut assessment will take about an hour.

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Why do this?

Measuring what matters helps you attract and retain the best talent. It demonstrates your company walks its talk about being a better company. It gives employees who care about this an opportunity to engage and to lead. It allows you to benchmark performance and gives you tools to set goals for improvement.

Who says this matters?

Harvard Business Review: Millennials, which represent roughly 50% of the global workforce, want work that connects to a larger purpose. Hewitt Associates: Companies with higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the stock market by nearly 20%.