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2014 Year in Review

2014 was one heck of a year! We could barely remember all the milestones our movement hit along the way, so we figured you could use a reminder too. Here are some of the greatest hits of 2014—thanks for making them possible.

B the Change


The B Corp community launches the B the Change campaign with a line of branded products and a video that would be viewed over 80,000 times in 2014

We Have a Dream

France, Lebanon, and Venezuela


UTOPIES, 2b Design, and ETAVENCA join the community as the first French, Lebanese, and Venezuelan B Corps.

Best for the World


In March, B Lab releases the first of 2014's Best for the World lists, honoring the B Corps with the B Impact Assessment scores in the top 10% of the whole community. Lists honoring those who excelled in the Environment, Community, and Workers section would follow in April, June, and September.

Best for the World

West Virginia: Check!


West Virginia joins the list of states to sign benefit corporation legislation into law.

First German B Corp


Ecosia GmbH is the first German company to be B Corp certified.

The Skoll World Forum


The three B Lab cofounders travel to accept the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship on behalf of the global B Corp community.

Skoll Awardees

B Corp Leadership Development


The Bay Area B Corp community comes together for a day of skill-sharing and professional development, an idea that has sparked plans for future BLDs across the country!

BLD logo

B of Service


Throughout June, B Corps organize service events in their communities as part of the B the Change campaign, donating over 2,000 hours of time!

Chicago Beach Cleanup

Florida, Connecticut: Check!


Two more states are crossed off the benefit corporation to-do list!

Live B or Die?


New Hampshire is the final state of 2014 to sign benefit corporation legislation into law, bringing the current total to 27 states and D.C.!

Benefit corp legislative map

Europe Gains Speed


Fratelli Carli becomes the largest Certified B in Europe; meanwhile, Montagne Alternative becomes the first B Corp in Switzerland.

B Lab Australia


B Lab officially launches in Australia with a week of events and press highlighting the 44 founding Australian B Corps!

Founding Australian B Corps

Champions Retreat 2014


For three days, the global B Corp community takes over Burlington, VT for a gathering focused on community, inspiration, and collective action.

Retreat Logo



Not to be outdone, Sistema B puts on fiiS2014, a social innovation festival that attracts thousands. B Lab staffer Andy travels to Chile for the event and reports back.

Onsite Reviews Wrap Up


Every year, 10% of the B Corp community undergoes an onsite review to verify their impact. In November, the last of 2014's 80+ reviews finish up in Chile and Argentina.

Hello, Bulgaria!


DeConi joins the community in November and becomes the first certified B Corp from Bulgaria.

First Public Utility Company


Green Mountain Power becomes the first public energy utility to become a B Corp.

Under the Wire


Solarus Sunpower Sweden AB certifies as a B Corp, making Sweden the last country of 2014 to get its first B Corp.

The First Publicly-Traded B Corp


Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company, becomes the first publicly-traded company to become B Corp certified, prompting many to ask if this is just the beginning for big B's.

Version 4 of the B Impact Assessment


2014 starts off strong with a new version of the B Impact Assessment (revised every two years) and a new website to host it!

B Lab Colorado


B Lab proudly announces the opening of B Lab Colorado, helmed by Kim Coupounas, cofounder of B Corp GoLite. Colorado would be home to over 50 B Corps by the end of the year.

Employee Engagement


As part of the B the Change campaign, B Corps (like W.S. Badger Co) organize events educating and engaging their teams on the meaning of their certification.

Badger Employees

Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship


B Lab is blown away to receive news that the B Corp community would be honored with a 2014 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

First National B Corp Retail Promotion


The National Cooperative Grocers Association holds the first national retail promotion of B Corp products in their co-ops across the USA.

Seventh Gen at NCGA

Minnesota, Nebraska, Utah: Check!


Three more states pass benefit corporation legislation in April—including two in one day!



At long last, the 1000th B Corp is certified! The community celebrates with a social media extravaganza using the hashtag #1000BCorps.

1000 B Corps header

Ghana & Uruguay


Open University of West Africa and 3vectores become the inaugural B Corps from Ghana and Uruguay.

B Corp Store


Looking to serve the needs of conscious consumers, a group of B Corps form the B Corp Store, an ecommerce site stocked exclusively with products from B Corps.

Welcome, Taiwan!


DOMI joins the community as the first B Corp from Taiwan.

Hey, that's us!


In his op-ed "The Creative Climate," New York Times columnist David Brooks cites B Corporations as an example of creativity and innovation.

B Corp Ambassadors


Three athletes become the first class of B Corp Ambassadors, releasing videos explaining why they support the B Corp community and want to B the Change in their sports.

Ambassadors header

Collaborative Fund & CircleUp love B Corps


Collaborative Fund and CircleUp announce a partnership to invest $4 million in certified B Corporations.

Hey, that's us! Pt. II


James Surowiecki of The New Yorker profiles B Corporations in the piece "Companies with Benefits," highlighting B Corp Warby Parker.

Keep on Bikin'


Team B the Change has a strong showing at Climate Ride once again, raising over $30,000 for B Lab throughout the year and finishing with the East Coast ride in September.

The B Corp Handbook is Released


Fresh on the heels of the retreat, Ryan Honeyman of B Corp Honeyman Sustainability Consulting releases The B Corp Handbook, a guide to the why's and how's of B Corp certification.

B Corp Handbook

The B Corps Fellows


B Lab announces the creation of the B Corps Fellows, the first national service program for the impact economy, and calls for applications from undergrad and MBA graduates.

B Corps Fellows

European Partners Convene


B Lab's partner organizations in Europe "achieve liftoff" and convene collectively for the first time.

European Partners

Crowdfunding Success


For six weeks, B Lab participates in the Social Entrepreneurs Challenge, a crowdfunding campaign for Skoll Awardees. The SEChallenge ends in December with over $65,000 raised for the B Corp movement, and nearly as much from the Skoll Foundation in matching funds!


Phew! Not bad for 365 days—but we're pretty sure we'll top it in 2015. We can't wait to see what this community will come up with next, and we couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.


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