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Better Know a B: Fratelli Carli and the European B Corps

Fratelli Carli

The B Corp movement began in the United States, and the country with the second most Certified B Corps is Canada; however, the movement quickly became global, and is now growing fastest outside of North America. B Lab’s global partners Sistema B & Sistema B Brasil are paving the way in Latin America, while the recently-launched B Lab Australia lays the groundwork down under.

Another region where the movement to use business as a force for good has gained momentum is Western Europe, where there are 24 B Corps and counting in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The largest of those European B Corporations is the recently-certified Fratelli Carli, the first manufacturing company to be certified as a B Corp in Italy.

The news is raising excitement on this side of the pond. Fratelli Carli is a historic company—they have been championing Italian food excellence since 1911 by selling top quality olive oil and Mediterranean delicacies to more than 1 million customers worldwide. With the addition of Fratelli Carli, Italy now boasts four Certified B Corps: Fratelli Carli, Nativa (sustainable innovation advisors), Treedom (green branding and engagement) and Equilibrium (green construction and natural building materials). The combination in this first cohort of manufacturing, service, and product companies bodes well for the future of a diverse community of European B Corporations. 

It is also exciting to see attaining B Corp certification hailed as a historical moment for a company whose very identity is founded on its history. When we asked Claudia Carli—Marketing and Communication Director and fourth generation member of the Carli family—about why a century-old company wanted to become a B Corp, she said it simply made  sense. “Our history taught us the importance of land-specific culture, the passion for quality products and the value of working to generate real benefit and make the world a better place. B Corporations are a new way of making business in a changing world; Fratelli Carli is a company that chooses to take part in the creation of a new social and economic development model.”

Hopefully, having a business with a lifetime of experience on board as one of the first changemakers in Europe will encourage the rest of the Old Continent to join their New World cousins in a new way of doing business!

Want to know more about B Corps in Europe? Watch this great video of our Italian partner NATIVA explaining the B Corp movement on prime-time TV in Italy! English subtitles are available on YouTube.


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