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Call for Public Comment: New Higher Education Standards

Update as of September 16th, 2015: The public comment period for the higher education addendum is now closed, and the addendum has been accepted by the Standards Advisory Council for official use within the B Impact Assessment.

B Lab is creating an addendum to the B Impact Assessment with targeted questions to measure for-profit postsecondary providers’ unique impact—for instance, who they serve, how they serve them and what positive outcomes are produced.

This will allow the B Impact Assessment to provide more catered insights, aspirational best practices, and accurate benchmarking for post-secondary institutions, previously unavailable at this level of specificity and detail within the assessment. The addendum will also allow high performing for-profit education providers to voluntarily differentiate themselves by pursuing B Corp Certification or fulfill public benefit reporting requirements as benefit corporations.

The addendum was developed through the leadership of an expert, multi-stakeholder industry working group over the course of 18 months, and included feedback from a variety of higher education institutions that served as alpha and beta testers. Over the next 30 days, B Lab is soliciting public comment on the draft to be taken to B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council for review in the month of September.

This will be the third addenda added to the B Impact Assessment, following those designed for the finance and building sectors.

You may access copies of the addendum below, or register for the draft version here. Once registered, you may leave feedback by clicking on the link to the right of each question. For additional questions or comments, reach out to Dan Osusky.

For an overview of the project and its development, click here.

For a copy of the draft for US based higher education institutions, click here.

For a copy of the draft for institutions outside of the United States, click here.

Cheers to improved accountability and impact!
The B Lab Standards Team


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