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Good Growth: 26 B Corps on the Inc 5000 List

Too often, companies that focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) are assumed to be skimping on the third. Too often, it is taken for granted that doing good must come at the expense of doing well.

Of course, anyone familiar with the B Corp community knows that isn’t true. From the recent $1b valuation of The Honest Company to the acquisition of B Corp Plum Organics by Campbell Soup Company, B Corps show a strong mission is an asset, not an obstacle. This is once again illustrated with strong B Corp presence on the 2015 Inc 5000 list, a yearly tally of the fastest growing privately-held companies  in the USA.

The 26 B Corporations who made the list have met the highest standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in business, and 38% of them were also honored on the 2015 B Corp Best for the World lists, which highlights B Corps with scores in the top 10% of the global community. Join us in congratulating these inspiring companies and learn more about each below.

A to Z Wineworks

Inc 5000 Ranking: 4,712
B Impact Assessment Score: 103 (Best for Communities)
Growth: 52%

While A to Z remains true to the initial mission of offering Aristocratic Wines at Democratic Prices™ that deliver the Essence of Oregon™, a commitment to excellence is also apparent in its approach to business.  The owners believe in fair value and sustainability in business as well as in farming and they work to be the best company for people and the land as well as to make and offer the best wines.

Abacus Wealth Partners

Inc 5000 Ranking: 3,981
B Impact Assessment Score: 143 (Best for Workers)
Growth: 74%

Abacus Wealth Partners is a national financial management firm that is committed to bringing self and global awareness as well as sustainability to investment management. They seek to achieve high investment returns, which in turn provide capital to fund philanthropic projects, as well as investments in sustainable companies without sacrificing return.

Acorn Sign Graphics

Inc 5000 Ranking: 4,193
B Impact Assessment Score: 100 (Best for the Environment)
Growth: 66%

Acorn Sign Graphics designs and fabricates custom architectural signage and graphics. From award-winning design to sustainable sign and graphic solutions, eco-friendly sign manufacturing to long-lasting installations, Acorn Sign Graphics delivers comprehensive sign services to meet the needs of clients worldwide. 

Application Experts

Inc 5000 Ranking: 3,699
B Impact Assessment Score: 93 (Best for Workers)
Growth: 84%

App-X seeks to help impact investors and non-profit organizations track and benchmark financial, operational, environmental, and social data to better demonstrate impact. App-X's clients are leaders in the Alternative Asset Community with over $30 billion in assets under management.

Audacious Inquiry

Inc 5000 Ranking: 1,611
B Impact Assessment Score: 120 (Best for Workers)
Growth: 253%

Audacious Inquiry is a management and technology consulting company that works as a strategic partner to advance the interests of leading institutions through efficient application of information technology; asserting growing domain expertise in health information systems, analytical services, and web application development.

Back to the Roots

Inc 5000 Ranking: 1,266
B Impact Assessment Score: 84
Growth: 331%

Back to the Roots is a sustainable urban mushroom farm growing gourmet oyster mushrooms on 100% recycled coffee grounds.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 827
B Impact Assessment Score: 80
Growth: 538%

Bioplanet Corp manufactures and distributes environmentally-friendly disposable packaging and tableware to make this world a better place to live in. 

Bridgetown Natural Foods

Inc 5000 Ranking: 495
B Impact Assessment Score: 86
Growth: 927%

Bridgetown Natural Foods, established in Portland, Oregon in March 2010, is a manufacturing partner for leading all-natural, organic and gluten-free snack brands dedicated to producing sustainable, innovative and healthy products. 

Burnham Benefits Insurance Services

Inc 5000 Ranking: 3,728
B Impact Assessment Score: 84
Growth: 83%

Burnham Benefits Insurance Services Inc. is a privately held, full-service employee benefits consulting and brokerage firm headquartered in Irvine, Calif. With a comprehensive offering of client-first health and wellness programs, Burnham effectively manages more than $1.5 billion in premiums for more than 400 clients.

Clean Solar

Inc 5000 Ranking: 2,203
B Impact Assessment Score: 100
Growth: 177%

Clean Solar is a Bay Area residential & commercial solar installation company. Homeowners and business owners receive comprehensive, custom solar solutions to meet their specific electricity needs, with available financing options including $0 down and PACE.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 1,811
B Impact Assessment Score: 126
Growth: 220%

Dimagi has three open source mobile products that support frontline workers in low-resource settings and developing countries: CommCare, CommConnect, & CommCare Supply Chain. To date, Dimagi has performed technical strategy, systems design, software development, and research for over 268 development projects in 42 countries across a number of sectors. 

Door to Door Organics

Inc 5000 Ranking: 2,120
B Impact Assessment Score: 88
Growth: 184%

Door to Door Organics is an online grocer that delivers fresh, high-quality organic produce and natural groceries directly to homes, offices, and schools throughout Colorado, Chicago, Kansas City, and Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 768
B Impact Assessment Score: 150 (Best for the World, Best for Communities)
Growth: 589%

EcoZoom is a social enterprise that believes that all people should have access to beautifully designed products that will improve their health, income and environment. EcoZoom’s primary product is an improved cookstove that burns biomass and reduces harmful emissions. 

Learn why EcoZoom thinks all start-ups should measure their impact on our Best for the World blog.

EO Products

Inc 5000 Ranking: 2,965
B Impact Assessment Score: 92
Growth: 118%

EO Products makes natural body care products based on essential oils and other safe, effective and beautiful ingredients. EO Products is committed to ensuring that their practices, products and processes are as sustainable as they can make them.

Fireclay Tile

Inc 5000 Ranking: 1,519
B Impact Assessment Score: 80
Growth: 270%

Fireclay Tile creates an extensive assortment of carefully curated design products including Tile, Glass, Brick, Handpainted and the latest edition, EDGE. Fireclay’s client list includes Whole Foods, Stanford and Google. 

Full Circle Home

Inc 5000 Ranking: 895
B Impact Assessment Score: 83
Growth: 502%

Full Circle’s mission is to strive to create home goods and products that are of superior design and creativity, combined with eco-friendly materials and functional efficacy.

gBuild Construction Managers

Inc 5000 Ranking: 2,385
B Impact Assessment Score: 89
Growth: 159%

gBuild is a firm that specializes in sustainable building for commercial projects.

Idealist Consulting

Inc 5000 Ranking: 3,494
B Impact Assessment Score: 93 (Best for Workers)
Growth: 92%

Idealist Consulting is dedicated to providing nonprofits, private sector businesses, and government with advanced technical solutions that help them run more effectively. 

Impact Makers

Inc 5000 Ranking: 1,549
B Impact Assessment Score: 164 (Best for the World, Best for Communities)
Growth: 264%

Impact Makers is a management and technology consulting company that provides services in Management and IT Consulting, Program and Project Management, Digital Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Healthcare Solutions. Impact Makers is a for profit company that has gifted its ownership to the community and contributes 100% of its net profits to charities over the life of the company.

Learn why Impact Makers gifted its ownership to community non-profits on our Best for the World blog.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 921
B Impact Assessment Score: 101
Growth: 488%

Nutiva sells “superfood” products, sourced from with organic, non-GMO farming, done without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 1941
B Impact Assessment Score: 100
Growth: 204%

The Oaklandish brand of apparel supports Oakland’s ongoing calendar of free public events and the Oaklandish Innovators grant program. 

Orbit Media Studios

Inc 5000 Ranking: 4,779
B Impact Assessment Score: 81
Growth: 50%

Orbit Media Studios is a custom web design and development firm based in Chicago. Orbit is a community of creative and friendly professionals who are highly skilled in design, programming, project management, web marketing, and web strategy.

Rescue Social Change Group

Inc 5000 Ranking: 2,012
B Impact Assessment Score: 105
Growth: 196%

Rescue SCG provides behavior change marketing services to government, non-profit and corporate organizations. Rescue SCG's current work focuses on tobacco, obesity, violence and alcohol prevention; the promotion of exercise, fresh foods and after school programs; and other products and services that promote healthy living.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 203
B Impact Assessment Score: 109
Growth: 2,068%

Runa brews beverages from guayusa (gwhy-you-sa), an Amazonian super-leaf naturally packed with caffeinate and polyphenoal antioxidants. Runa is proving that businesses in the Amazon can be good for the environment and the preservation of traditional cultural practices while supporting producers and connecting them to consumers around the world.

Sundial Brands

Inc 5000 Ranking: 876
B Impact Assessment Score: 83
Growth: 511%

Founded in 1992, Sundial Brands is committed to making the highest quality natural skin care products possible, engaging in eco-friendly and cruelty-free business practices, and supporting local communities and fair trade around the world.


Inc 5000 Ranking: 970
B Impact Assessment Score: 81
Growth: 457%

ThinkShout’s vision is to use technology and strategy to elevate organizations creating positive change in the world. Over its first 5 years in business, ThinkShout has contributed over 10,000 hours to open source projects.

See the full Inc 5000 list, or meet the top-performing B Corps on the 2015 Best for the World lists.


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