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Partnering with the B Team

Last night in Davos at the World Economic Forum, we were thrilled to join the B Team in announcing our new partnership to encourage all B Team members to measure what matters. We are excited to join forces with our fellow “B” organization to provide more companies with the tools to use business as a force for good!

The B Team was founded in 2012 by Sir Richard Branson and Jochan Zeitz with the hope of bringing together global business leaders to change “business as usual.” Much like B Lab and B Corporations, the founders and members of the B Team see opportunities for businesses to change the world for the better—opportunities that most businesses are missing, or don’t know how to take advantage of. We also share the belief that not only can businesses join non-profits and governments in the work of creating a better world, but that they must if we are to see success.

As part of their Plan B initiative, the B Team has set ten Challenges for their member businesses—many of which fall firmly in line with the goals of B Lab, B Corps, and benefit corporations. For example, Plan B urges business leaders to "drive full transparency," "scale true accounting," and "lead for the long run"—goals the B Corp community can fully get behind. Through our new partnership, B Team member businesses will be encouraged to:

  • 1. Measure what matters by comparing and improving their company’s social and environmental performance using the free educational tool, the B Impact Assessment.
  • 2. Bake their purpose into the legal DNA of the business and help ensure it remains central as they scale, bring in outside capital, plan succession, or even sell, by registering as a benefit corporation.
  • 3. Be recognized as a leader of this new economy by becoming a Certified B Corporation.

This looks to be the beginning of a B-eautiful friendship. We look forward to working closely with the B Team in the future and welcoming many of their member businesses into the B Corp community!


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