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Public Comment Period for Educational Standards

B Lab has developed an educational products and services addendum to the B Impact Assessment and is now accepting stakeholder feedback through Friday June 3rd.

The educational products and services addendum will replace the “Customer” impact business model section of the B Impact Assessment for education companies in order to provide more specific, actionable, best practices and indicators for their unique impact. The addendum will apply to companies in the education industry that contribute directly or indirectly to improved learner outcomes, excluding post-secondary degree granting institutions. Topics include:

•  Business Models and Engagement (including serving underserved populations)
•  Quality and Continuous Improvement
•  Outcomes
•  Transparency
•  Privacy and Protection

Feedback is requested on the clarity of the indicators, their content, and the addendum as a whole. If you are interested in providing feedback, you may register for a test account and provide feedback on individual questions within the assessment or review a copy of the draft and background information and provide feedback by email.

Per public feedback, revisions will be made, and if necessary, a second public comment period will take place to seek further feedback on substantial revisions to the addendum. If a second public comment period is not needed, the addendum will be reviewed by B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council and formally adopted in Summer of 2016.

The development of the addendum is overseen by an independent multi-stakeholder expert working group and B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to B Lab’s Standards Development Manager at


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