The Big Bad Woof Inc.

Organic, Holistic and Raw Pet Foods, Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Washington, District of Columbia

United States

About The Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof is a new breed of good business. A unique retail pet supply store franchise & retail store that not only focuses on providing organic, holistic, premium and raw diets for companion animals, but also has a strong commitment to the community, preferring to do business with local, small, and minority-owned manufacturers and companies. They recognize that the pet industry is often overlooked as an advocate for equitable, local, whole foods. As a multi-billion dollar industry it indeed has the power to change the food system for not only pets, but most importantly people.

The Big Bad Woof’s triple bottom line approach is visible through their relationships with local farmers, whether through the sale of raw and holistic foods sourced from local farms and then manufactured to be sold at their retail stores, or by purchasing food products that like chicken necks, lamb hearts, and marrow bones that might end up being composted, and are perfect for supplemental feeding with some companion animals.

Their partnerships with animal rescue organizations like Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL), the Washington Humane Society, Greyhound Rescue, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), among others help find homes for unwanted pets and fight for animal welfare. Through monthly Woof Clinics they help educate pet guardians in the community on their pet’s health, training, nutrition, and alternative healthcare options.


The Big Bad Woof Hyattsville is the 1st Benefit Corporation in Maryland and the United States

• The Big Bad Woof is dedicated to sustainable business practices; seeking out and carrying eco-friendly pet supplies and Fair Trade items. We make sure a toy is something that’s going to be fun, interactive, and playful, while also paying attention to quality and whether it fits our mission of socially responsibly business practices. We ask questions on how a product is it made, how is it packaged, and how far does it have to travel to get to our stores?

• The Big Bad Woof recognizes the limitations of our current food system in delivering whole foods that not only benefit our well-being, but also the well-being of the environment. Agricultural practices that support humane treatment of animals, enrich soils, improve water quality and wildlife habitat are possible and the Big Bad Woof is making choices to see that happen.

• The Big Bad Woof understands that a community is stronger when supported. They choose to strengthen communities through partnerships with other local businesses and educational workshops. They also offer internal, no interest store accounts for returning customers who have forgotten their wallet, or cannot financially pay at that moment.

• The Big Bad Woof personally visits local farms which supply their stores, to ensure the integrity of the food supply coming from the local area and to also vet how well the animals are cared for farm to farm. Many of the farms carry a Certified Humane? or an Organic designation. Supporting local farms is a major component of The Big Bad Woof’s philosophy, and is to helping build small micro-economies within our communities.

“We feel strongly that doing good helps increase bottom line profits….There should be a standard in being able to say that you can run a business well, give back to the community and make a profit.”

The Change We Seek®

Strive to supply our customers with the best and most innovative products, in both pet supplies and raw and holistic foods which are sustainably sourced and minimally processed to help support our Planet.

Support local economies so that all in the community benefit from good food and humane care standards.

Become a resource in every community where our stores are located to help customers get access to organizations and individuals which rescue animals, and provide knowledge for well care in all things related to nutrition, training, and integrative care.


What makes us a better company?

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