B Impact Teams

B Impact Teams are self-organized teams of college/university students that assist businesses to measure and manage their impact. These student-led consulting teams serve their local community by assessing social and environmental metrics of community businesses using the B Impact Assessment.

Schools around the country have formed B Impact Teams on their campuses to serve their local business community. B Impact Teams work one-on-one with businesses, host workshops for area businesses, and more. Check out some examples below to find out more and to start planning how your B Impact Team will work with companies.

CU Impact Catalyst teams
CU Boulder’s Sustainability Marketplace
St. Joe’s University Capstone Course
Portland State University
NC State, UNC & Duke – B Corp Clinic
North Carolina State University
Boise State workshops

Interested in forming a team?

We’re thrilled you want to serve your local community and help businesses measure and manage their impact. We strongly recommend that students familiarize themselves with the B Impact Assessment, the standards, and B Impact scoring before reaching out to companies.

We recommend you first check out our How-to planning guide for B Impact Teams to familiarize yourself with the process.

Educating your B Impact team

We encourage your team to be as prepared as possible before ever making contact with a company. To help you along the process, we’ve made a series of trainings available to prepare you and your team.

These self-guided trainings give a high-level overview of the B Impact Assessment Introduction to the B Impact Assessment and the standards
Completing the B Impact Assessment
These self-guided trainings dive deep into individual sections of the B Impact Assessment
Workers - Part I
Workers - Part II
Workers - Part III
Community - Part I
Community - Part II
Community - Part III

These guides walk your B Impact team through the process of assisting companies to improve their B Impact score
Guides of best practices for improving your B Impact score - Part I
Guides of best practices for improving your B Impact score - Part II
"Easy Wins" for improving impact  worksheet
B Impact Assessment Map to help businesses choose the correct track of the assessment

Does your school have a B Impact team? We’d love to hear from you as we compile additional resources, best practices, and success stories. Drop us a line at support@bcorporation.net.


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