Commonly Asked Questions

B Corps in the classroom

I’m interested in having someone from B Lab or a certified B Corp come to my campus. How can I invite someone to speak about B Corps?
That’s a great idea! We’d love to attend your event, but the constraints on our time are too great. We’d be happy to try to make a connection within the community for you. Please send a detailed description of the event to Be sure to include the location, date, expected audience, and the desired theme of the talk. We can’t guarantee a connection, but we’ll do our best!

We also strongly recommend that you reach out directly to B Corps with your invitation to speak. You can find B Corps in your area using our search tool.

I’d like to connect with other educators who are teaching about B Corps. Can B Lab introduce me to other faculty members?
We are always learning about how schools are teaching about using business as a force for good, and we would love to hear from you. You can share what you are doing with us at You can also join the B Corps on Campus LinkedIn group.

Stay tuned as we continue finding appropriate ways to connect educators who want to collaborate.

I’d like to get further training on the B Impact Assessment and maybe start my own consulting services. Does B Lab offer training on the B Impact Assessment?
At the moment, B Lab does not offer training on the B Impact Assessment. We’ve provided resources to empower self learning, and as new resources become available, we will post them.

I’m interested in research opportunities with B Lab.
It is important to the long-term mission of B Lab to engage the research community in the use of B Lab's data. Unfortunately, we are not currently resourced to support individual research initiatives. We are actively seeking grants that will allow us to resume our support of the research community. In the meantime, please join this Google group for researchers who are interested in using B Lab's data for research. As soon as we have another RFP available for research, we will post it through this group.

B Impact Teams

We want to launch a B Impact team. What does B Lab recommended we do first?
Great! We recommend that you and your team become familiar with the impact standards and the B Impact Assessment. You can start on and then be sure to review all of the trainings resources availabe on the B Impact team page. We also recommend you review our planning guide for launching a B Impact team.

Can B Lab connect our B Impact teams with interested companies?
Unfortunately, B Lab cannot connect your team with companies. We encourage your team to think about your local networks and local business associations. We recommend working with your local chamber of commerce, incubators/accelerators, and co-working spaces to connect with companies. We find university networks to be powerful places of connection and look to your team, your students and your faculty members to activate those relationships.

What if a company earns a low B Impact score?
Any score higher than 0 points is a good score, as a positive score indicates that the company is doing something positive for society and the environment. We strongly recommend that teams celebrate all positive impact. The Assessment rewards practices that go beyond standard business practice; therefore, every point earned on the Assessment reflects incremental positive impact. Most companies score between 40 and 100 points out of the 200 points available.

Is there official branding for B Impact teams?
No, there is no official branding B Impact teams.

Can B Impact teams earn a certification?
No, B Impact teams cannot earn a special certification.


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