In order to maintain the integrity and value of the B Corp Certification, B Lab welcomes inquiries and complaints regarding potential misconduct or misrepresentation by companies that have been certified. This serves as an essential complement to the B Corp Certification review process in determining a company’s continued eligibility for the certification (see below for more information about the verification and standards to become a B Corp).

B Lab will investigate any material, credible, and specific claims against a current B Corporation that falls in one of the two following categories:

1) Intentional misrepresentation of practices, policies, or outcomes claimed within the B Impact Assessment, including the B Impact Assessment Disclosure Questionnaire.

2) Breaches of the B Corp Community's core values as expressed in the B Corporation Declaration of Interdependence.

If you’d like to submit a complaint or would like to make us aware of any issues that are potential violations of B Lab’s core values, please follow the complaints procedure below.



Complaints Procedure

To submit a complaint, please e-mail In your message, please provide your name and contact information (for follow up purposes only), the details of your complaint, and any additional context, including any evidence or documentation that is relevant to the issue.

B Lab staff will review the provided information and follow up if they have any clarification questions. They will then do an initial review of the issue to determine if the complaint is within the parameters of B Lab’s investigation process above, and alert you to the results of that initial review.

If the complaint is within those parameters, B Lab will conduct a 90 day investigation. The results of this investigation will then be presented to B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council, the independent governance body that oversees the B Impact Assessment and determines eligibility for the B Corp community. The Standards Advisory Council will then make a judgment on the complaint.



Resolution of Complaints

Complaints are resolved in one of the four following ways:

-  Company's B Corp Certification is revoked
-  Certification is upheld, with disclosure made transparent on B Corp public profile
-  Company is placed on probation, with specific remedies required to maintain the certification
-  Certification is upheld

The decision of the Standards Advisory Council regarding the complaint may be appealed by the company directly to B Lab's Board of Directors. The resolution of such appeal by the Board of Directors is binding.

When resolution of a complaint involves the creation of a model for how similar complaints will be addressed going forward, those models are posted on the Controversial Issues page.



B Corporation Eligibility and Verification

To learn more about the requirements and review process to become a Certified B Corp, see here. The B Corp Complaint process is an essential mechanism in place to bolster this review process and to help us improve it.

In addition to this complaints process, there may be other options available for interested parties to raise complaints about particular businesses. These options include, but are not limited to, the business itself, the Better Business Bureau, and the court of law. Thank you for your interest and your support in preserving the integrity of the B Corporation Certification!