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Bullfrog Power: Building on Success

Brent Lowe, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness, Bullfrog Power

In late 2012, shortly after joining Bullfrog Power, I met one-on-one with every member of our 50 person team to take the pulse of the organization and see where we could improve. The feedback from the team was unanimously positive. An employee satisfaction survey came back with overall satisfaction results hovering around 90% and increasing. My challenge was not just to find out why our employees love Bullfrog so much, but also to make it an even better place to work.

Thriving as a Social Enterprise. Bullfrog was founded with the mandate of being a highly successful, double-bottom-line company. Becoming a Certified B Corporation provided us with an opportunity to measure and meet even higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and to communicate our social enterprise status to customers, prospects and external stakeholders. 

Our team members see their impact and benefit from working in a progressive business setting with a strong focus on an important environmental cause. An example of one way Bullfrog connects our daily work with our broader impact involves our Bullfrog Ambassador residential sales team. Each member of the team has a carbon counter that shows the cumulative impact of the sales they make in terms of the amount of CO2 displaced as a result of our customers’ green energy choice.

Having a clear and inclusive strategy. After successfully moving through the start-up and early stage years, Bullfrog is working on a more formal business strategy. Today we have a strategy book created after extensive contributions from the broad team that is available to everyone in the company and which outlines our overarching targets and areas of focus. Each department has an operating plan developed through team meetings. And every team member who does not own a department operating plan now has personal measures of success that form the basis of a team member’s commitment. 

On the path to improved communication. In 2013, communication became a focus area for the organization. We chose six components of communication and now run monthly surveys to monitor our improvement across each of them. Since the original survey was completed in January 2013, our communication score has nearly doubled as a result of initiatives that include communication training sessions, an internal social media platform, and shared communication tips in our weekly meetings. In addition, Bullfrog’s recent move to a new office gave us the opportunity to design a space that is more open and conducive to social interaction.

A continuing focus on making Bullfrog a great place to work. As we grow, we want to attract the best and brightest talent. In the early days, Bullfrog’s culture was formed by our founders and first team members. Now we are looking to clarify and communicate exactly what we stand for and what we offer. We’re engaging every member of our team in a discussion about Bullfrog’s culture, and crafting a list of benefits we can provide – from medical benefits and social events to an improved office setting and IT infrastructure. The results of these efforts will allow us to fully represent the Bullfrog experience to candidates and stay true to our commitments over the long-term.

Bullfrog is a great place to work for a long list of reasons. In comparison to our environmental commitments, the relationships we build with our team members can seem small. But we never underestimate the importance of these relationships—because a satisfied employee means a more productive organization, and ultimately a cleaner, healthier environment for us all.




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