The Skoll SEChallenge

Do you support a better way to do business?

Earlier this year, B Lab was proud to accept the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship on behalf of the global B Corp community. We were immensely honored to see Certified B Corps recognized by the Skoll Foundation for "disrupting the status quo [and] driving large-scale change" alongside many amazing non-profit organizations.

Now, as a Skoll Awardee, B Lab is participating in the annual Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge (SEChallenge), a six-week crowdfunding campaign for all Skoll Awardees past and present. You can learn more about the SEChallenge at its homepage.

B Lab is excited to start its first-ever crowdfunding campaign, and plans to split any funds raised with our global partners in Latin America, Europe, and Australia to help continue to grow the movement internationally. More than that, though, we're excited to use this platform to reach out to the millions of people we know believe in the same principle that guides us: that business should be used as a force for good.

Every donation made to B Lab, no matter how small, represents another person who thinks it's time for a new definition of success in business. That's why our goal is not to have the most money raised in the SEChallenge, but to have the highest number of donors. We hope you'll be one of them—and that you'll help us get the word out!


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