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DIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Based in Calgary, Canada, with operations in Phoenix and Savannah, Georgia, DIRTT Environmental Solutions is modernizing the construction industry by replacing dated, stud and drywall construction with sustainable, pre-engineered modular walls, plug and play power and data, millwork, and more. Using their interactive, 3-D ICE software platform to scope the project, the company manufactures custom, reconfigurable construction solutions using fewer resources. This cuts the cost, waste, and environmental impact of each project.

Since 2007, DIRTT has more than doubled their revenues, reaching $115 million in 2011 and added nearly 500 new high-quality jobs. This impressive growth has been mirrored by their positive environmental impact. A distributive manufacturing model allows them to drastically diminish the carbon footprint of transportation, while contributing to local, living economies. Their factories also have a footprint one-third the size of typical production facilities. All told, DIRTT has recycled over 7 million pounds of manufacturing waste since January 2011, tripling their total recycling in the past four years.

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