Recruit a B

Do you know a company that should be a B Corp? Or maybe a company that might be interested in using the B Impact Assessment to measure what matters? If you know a great business that belongs in our community, let them know!

Championing through Social Media

Social media can be a very effective tool to invite companies to join us. And it’s super easy!

@[company] Love your company, love B Corps: would love to see you together! #BtheChange

[on company Facebook wall] Love your company, love B Corps: would love to see you together! #BtheChange

[on your own Facebook page] I love [company name] and I love B Corps, but I'd really love to see them together! If you think [company name] would make a great #BCorp, too, help me out and tell them so on their Facebook page with the hashtag #BtheChange.

Ask Companies to Measure What Matters

We manage what we measure, so let companies know you want them to measure what matters! The B Impact Assessment is a great tool for any company to use to measure their social and environmental impact, regardless of whether or not they become B Corp Certified. It's comprehensive, educational, and it's always free to use online at Companies of any size and sector can use the B Impact Assessment to track their impact and to compare their performance against the 16,000+ companies that are already signed up. You can introduce any company to the B Impact Assessment, whether it's your employer, a supplier or vendor you work with, or just a great company you want to share the website with over social media. You don't need to be an expert on our standards; if they have any questions, they can ask us at!