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2015 Year in Review

2015 was a year of building bridges—to new partners, new regions, and new markets. B Corps and benefit corporations were everywhere in 2015. Take a look!

The B Hive


B Hive, a free online networking platform for B Corps, is launched, giving all B Corp employees a place to connect and collaborate directly.

Another B Goes Public


Potential loss of B Corp certification listed as Risk Factor in S-1 for Etsy IPO—Etsy stock price almost doubles on first day of trading April 16.

B Lab Europe


Triodos Bank leads more than 60 Founding European B Corps at the launch of B Lab Europe.



As of May, over 30,000 users are using the B Impact Assessment to measure and manage the impact of their businesses.

Staffing Up


As our community grows, so does B Lab! In May, B Lab staff surpasses the 50-person mark—and that's not counting our global partners!

B Corps Fellows


Surviving a more selective process than Harvard, the inaugural class of 12 B Corps Fellows arrives for B Lab basic training before heading to New York to support the Best for NYC initiative.

Majority Rules


With Idaho and Indiana's effective dates in July, a majority of US states now offer benefit corporation status to their constituents.

Kickstarting the Benefit Corporation


Already a Certified B Corp, Kickstarter joins This American Life, AltSchool and 3,000 others using the benefit corporation structure as a governance best practice. The press sits up and takes notice.

B Lab Portugal & Lusophone Africa


There's a celebration in Lisbon as B Lab welcomes a fourth global partner.

A Bigger Tent


Alongside the seventh annual B Corp Champions Retreat, leaders gather in Portland for the Measure What Matters Retreat and the Benefit Corporation Leadership Summit to share best practices.

Higher Ed, Higher Standards


Laureate International, the world's largest private higher ed provider, announces it will go public as a benefit corporation and publish a verified benefit report using the B Impact Assessment and its Higher Ed Addendum. Later in the year, Laureate would achieve certification, becoming the largest Certified B Corp.

Public Comment on V5


The draft of the fifth version of the B Impact Assessment opens for public comment, featuring new questions on interns, virtual office, and transgender-inclusive healthcare.

You Really, Really Like Us!


B Corps and benefit corporations feature alongside the human genome and the iPhone on Fast Company's list of 20 Moments that Matter. A week later, Fortune recommends all businesses use the B Impact Assessment as a management tool as one of their 5 key business trends to master in 2016. B Corps and benefit corporations also showed up more than once in Forbes's roundup of 2015's top moments in social enterprise and impact investing.

New Partners


Joining Unilever, Danone announces it will join B Lab's Multinational and Public Markets Advisory Council to help find pathways for the world's largest companies to participate in the B Corp movement.

Way to B


At Davos, B Team Leader and Natura co-founder Guillermhe Leal announces B Team partnership with B Lab inviting all companies to Measure What Matters.

Best for NYC


NYC begins to Measure What Matters, as the NYC Economic Development Corporation encourages all NYC companies to use the B Impact Assessment as part of the Best for NYC Challenge. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere . . .

Best for the World


In April, B Lab released 2015's list honoring the B Corps with scores in the top 10% of the community overall, as well as lists for the leading scorers in the Environment, Workers, and Community categories. The lists are also accompanied by blog posts and perspectives from the top-performing companies.

BLD-ing a tradition


In 2014, the first B Corp Leadership Development (BLD) event was held in the Bay Area. In 2015, the Colorado B Corp community hosts its own BLD, with three more regions slated to join the party in 2016.

In Stores Near You


Thanks to the leadership of B Corps Preserve and Blue Avocado, Whole Foods runs national B the Change promotion highlighting B Corps.

B Lab UK


The launch of B Lab UK simultaneously brings a little knighted sophistication and a little street punk to the B Corp movement.



Eight B Corp leaders give TED-style talks on the bridges that must be built to use business as a force for good at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

ERISA Reform


The path to scale is cleared of one more roadblock as U.S Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez announces new ERISA guidance making it clear that insitutional investors are permittted to invest in companies like B Corps with expanded fiduciary duties.

Benefit Corporations Go Global


With the help of B Lab Europe, B Corp Nativa, and many others, Italy becomes the second country in the world to offer the benefit corporation legal structure to entrepreneurs.



The community of Certified B Corps was 1000 strong in May of 2014—a year and a half later, it's grown by 50%, largely driven by non-USA certifications.

All told, over 450 new B Corps were certified in 2015, along with 45 new GIIRS Rated funds and over 11,000 new companies using the B Impact Assessment. Those are big numbers, but we know we can beat them in 2016. More importantly, we know our community will continue to surprise us with innovative ways to grow the movement to use business as a force for good. We can't wait.


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