We are excited to share that in 2023, we will be re-envisioning our analytics capabilities into a new, more integrated product.

It’s critical that B Lab provides modern, effective tools that allow organizations to better measure, manage, and improve the impact of their networks and systems.

This decision is a culmination of research and stakeholder engagement over the past few months, showing that this type of tool is vital to serve a growing global community of network-based organizations looking to use business as a force for good. This includes - but isn’t limited to - business networks, accelerators, multinational companies with subsidiaries, investment firms, supply chains, and similar organizations. Building an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy depends on such organizations encouraging and sustaining the adoption of B Lab’s Standards. 

To focus on the design, development, and roll-out of this new product in 2023, we have shut down the previous iteration of the B Analytics platform. Check back soon for product updates and news on our progress.

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