B Impact Fellows

Training the Next Generation of Leaders to Use Business as a Force for Good

Following its inaugural launch year in partnership with the Best for NYC campaign, B Lab is launching the second iteration of our B Impact Fellows program. The B Impact Fellowship is a two-year program with year one focused on learning from the leaders—Certified B Corporations and B Lab itself—and year two focused on leveraging that learning to enable all companies to measure what matters.

This rotational structure will allow B Impact Fellows to spend their first year learning from B Lab and the community of Certified B Corporations. They will be focused on assisting the B Lab Review team with both on-site and virtual verification of Certified B Corp performance, recertifying B Corporations, and developing best practices. During this year, the Fellows will also work closely with B Lab’s Measure What Matters team to learn how to lead workshops and cohorts of companies, leverage the B Analytics platform, and identify best practices for working with more traditional partners and companies.

In their second year, Fellows will be placed with community partners to work with partners’ member companies on measuring what matters. This will include working with individual companies, peer groups, and large workshops. Fellows who are placed with partners who are part of a 'Best For' campaign will also work collaboratively on campaign promotion, including outreach to other local partners, planning and development of marketing and awards programs, etc. Community partners may range from municipalities to chambers of commerce to large corporates who are launching supply chain initiatives.


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