2009 Annual Report

Just Released

The new sector of the economy needed its own "State of the Community" address so we teamed up with the folks at Sustainable Industries to bring you the first annual B Corporation Annual Report. It features in-depth profiles on B Corporations, commentary on issues facing our community and has a complete directory listing of every B Corporation certified to date by industry. A must read as well as a must pass-on.

Table of Contents
Certification Plus

More than 200 B Corps are differentiating their company, not just their products (and saving money too!). by Celeste Reid and Amie Vacaro

Public Policy: A New Kind of Corporation

B Lab is working to create a new corporate form with higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency. by Amy Westervelt

Impact Investing: Channeling Investment for Impact

B Impact Rating System helps private equity investors and credit providers go beyond SRI to Impact. by Matt Krogh

Profiles of Impact

B Corps are re-defining success in business by creating neconomic opportunity, restoring the environment and building strong communities.

Profiles of Innovation

Method’s pay-it-forward carbon reduction program. South Mountain’s employee-owned democratic workplace.

An Invitation

How to get involved.

B Corp Directory

In more than 50 industries, find a B at work, home or play.

Our Progress Summary

The leadership of the B Corp community has helped B Lab accomplish the following in the last two years:

Building a Community of Leaders

We’re certified more than 200 B Corporations from 54 industries and 28 states, representing about $1 billion in sales and $7 billion of investment assets.

Saving Money in a Recession

We’ve saved B Corps more than $600,000 through our 23 Service Partners.

Creating a New Corporate Form

B Lab is working to create a new corporate form with higher standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency.

Driving Impact Investing

The Global Impact Investing Network (led by members Prudential, JPMorgan Chase, Rockefeller Foundation and others) has asked B Lab to develop the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS).

Catalyzing a Marketplace around Standards

More than 1,000 companies are benchmarking their social and environmental performance with the B Impact Rating System (BIRS)

Launching V2.0 of the B Impact Ratings System (BIRS)

More than 40 thought leaders, practitioners and academics spent eighteen months creating the Public Beta of V2.0.