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Pedaling for the Planet

Shamini Dhana of B Corp Dhana, Inc, writes about her experience about completing Climate Ride as a member of Team B the Change. The team also included Andy Fyfe of B Lab, Gopika Prabhu of Elefint Designs, and Kevin Clisham and Becky Cohen of Plum Organics

When asked why she was looking forward to biking over 300 miles in 4 days via Climate Ride, Rachel Orejas's answer unsurprisingly echoed that of her teammates. “Climate change and the environment have always been the most important topic that we need to take care of,” she said. “I think doing a long bike ride through gorgeous scenery and fundraising for organizations doing the work to fight climate change is as good as it can get if you want to increase awareness. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to learn what other people who work in the climate realm are doing and learn from their experiences.” 

Ten members of Team B the Change took on the challenge the weekend of May 17-20, starting in San Francisco and finishing off at the Golden State Capitol Sacramento after traveling through the scenic wine regions of Petaluma, Calistoga and Napa – each with a mission to raise awareness about sustainability, bike advocacy and climate change amongst their networks. No easy task, but the 140 bikers proved it to be totally doable as they took on the 10th Climate Ride, one of the most unique opportunities to combine mind, body and the spirit of “oneness” into a single charity event on behalf of Planet Earth.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to sign up for the Climate Ride on Team B the Change,” shared Lauren Merker. “I knew I liked long bike rides—the longest I had ever done was approximately 40 miles—and from what I had read about the ride, it seemed like it would be a fun experience for a good cause. Little did I know that Team B the Change would be comprised of an amazing group of capable, fun, positive, and driven individuals who all very quickly became good friends. It was indeed absolutely life changing for me and I am grateful for the experience.” 

Riding with possibly the hippest bike jerseys, Team B the Change spread the word about “People Using Business as a Force for Good.” As one of the top three teams on this historical ride, Team B the Change and the other California Climate Riders raised over half a million dollars!


Team Captain Andy Fyfe was thrilled to add, “B Lab is incredibly grateful for Team B the Change's efforts. We raised over $32K for organizations fighting climate change and much of this will be going to further the work of B Lab: to support a global movement of entrepreneurs using business as a force for good. In particular, major shout outs to the B Corps on the team: Elefint Designs, Dhana Inc., and Plum Organics and all the other B Corps who helped with our fundraising party."

The finale was a celebration for all, including Team B the Change riders, who were ecstatic to have completed the challenge and realize their potential as changemakers. Every single Climate Rider contributed to the ripple effect taking place via social media as they shared on the state of affairs of our planet as it relates to climate change. The Assembly members and senators who greeted Climate Riders at the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento echoed the realization that together, we can make a difference.

The journey continued the next day as several bikers—including Top Fundraiser for Team the B Change, Shamini Dhana —represented B Corps on Bike Advocacy Day, May 21st, to lobby our legislators for better and safer bike pathways and bike laws in California. “Every day, we invest our time, energy and dollars in things we value and believe in for ourselves, our community, and our children,” Shamini said. “As an avid cyclist, the fact that biking has doubled in the last decade in California makes it all the more critical for us to show up and share our collective voices on the importance of an efficient and effective bike transportation system.” 

If you are interested in joining Team B the Change, learn more about the Midwest and East Coast Climate Rides!


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