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Laureate Education Becomes Largest Certified B Corporation

Laureate Education is the largest degree-granting higher education institution in the world. Laureate's 88 institutions across 28 countries graduate on average nearly 60% of their 1 million students (roughly the same graduation rate for all U.S. higher education non-profit and for-profit institutions), at least 34% of whom are from underrepresented populations. Laureate is also now the largest Certified B Corp in the world, and if their currently planned 2016 IPO is successful, Laureate would become the first registered benefit corporation to go public.

“B Lab promotes robust standards that can be used by policymakers, investors and the general public to make more informed decisions about which for-profit higher education institutions meet market demand while generating the greatest positive impact and best serving the public interest,” said Bart Houlahan, B Lab’s co-founder. "Laureate’s decision to seek independent certification raises the bar in this industry, and they now become the first degree granting institution and the largest Certified B Corporation in the world."

Learn more about Laureate's B Corp certification, including a B Lab FAQ about Higher Education.


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