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Messieurs.ch is a creative company made up of kind, friendly, talented, innovative thinkers and doers. We create your video, webseries, campaign, documentary, ad and other digital content needed to launch product, build brand, explain a concept, increase visibility, capture your audience. But most importantly is why. Because we care about people, society and the environment and we believe that beautiful, meaningful content can make this world a better place. Our sister co. Outfits.studio.ch does motion design

Certified since: January 19, 2022
Fellow Creatures

Founded by Hungarian-born Zsolt Stefkovics, Fellow Creatures creates the creamiest range of dairy-free Swiss chocolate with flavours we all remember fondly from childhood. The range replaces dairy with creamed coconut for unapologetic indulgence. Fellow Creatures works with cocoa collaboratives for 100% traceability and are committed to paying 60% over trade price for their beans. The vibrant and innovative range of milk, white and blonde chocs offers guilt-free snacking with on avg. 30% less sugar than leading brands. Carbon neutral. Palm-oil free. Gluten-free. Certified by The Vegan Society.

Certified since: January 19, 2022
Rainville Sangaré

Rainville Sangaré is located in Montreal, Canada. They are a team of multidisciplinary designers who execute lasting concepts. Each project focuses on understanding the client's needs, which leads to a focused approach that blends cutting-edge design with sustainability. Every detail counts, and they collaborate with local industry to bring to life dynamic interiors, carefully crafted furniture and coveted products. With international recognition for their work in the commercial and private sectors, Rainville Sangaré has collaborated with clients such as Goodee, Quartz Co, EQ3 and Umbra. // Rainville Sangaré est basé à Montréal, au Canada. Ils forment une équipe de designers multidisciplinaires exécutant des projets pérennes. Chaque projet est axé sur la compréhension des besoins du client qui mène à une approche ciblée combinant design avant-gardiste et durabilité. Chaque détail compte et ils collaborent avec l'industrie locale pour donner vie à des intérieurs dynamiques, des meubles soigneusement conçus et des produits convoités. Avec une reconnaissance internationale pour leur travail dans les secteurs commercial et privé, Rainville Sangaré signe des collaboration avec des clients tels que Goodee, Quartz Co., EQ3 et Umbra.

Certified since: January 19, 2022

SafePorter's privacy-by-design DataProtected Tools Suite enables organizations to access a broader range of diversity data and inclusion feedback while minimizing data risk for both entities and individuals. SafePorter's clients are able to geolocate and insulate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related personal data apart from identity and contextual information, building trust and allowing for representation without invasion.

Certified since: January 18, 2022
CSV Architects

CSV Architects is an Ottawa-based architectural practice focused on the sustainable design of institutional, commercial, and multi-unit residential projects. Our vision is to create healthy, inclusive communities through architecture, collaboration, and innovation. Designing ‘green’ buildings for over 20 years, CSV Architects is one of the most experienced sustainable architecture firms in the region. With a full-time, in-house sustainability consultant, we have the capacity to undertake renovations, design new buildings, and the adaptive re-use of existing establishments. We offer special expertise in sustainability consulting including LEED, Green Globes, Net Zero, and Passive House in areas such as, child care centres, public use projects, care facilities, corporate offices, non-profit housing, and heritage conservation. Working alongside clients to meet their specific needs, we strive to create innovative, healthy, vibrant, and sustainable spaces for all to enjoy.

Certified since: January 18, 2022

Shayp's ambition is to reduce the world's distributed water consumption by 30% and minimize associated collateral damage. We assess water leaks in real-time and dispatch maintenance when the calculated costs and risks are high. Building managers, homeowners and insurers can thus eliminate leaks and related issues without any effort. Shayp’s IoT can be self-installed within 5 minutes, has a battery lifetime of 10 years with an end of life notification and a high data granularity enabling rapid leak detection. We are an end to end solution from diagnosis to facilitating repair, allowing customers to effortlessly include Shayp in their organization.

Certified since: January 18, 2022
Gansu Times Olive Technology Co. LTD

OLIVE TIMES, founded in 2018, in order to help quality agricultural products sustainable development of the initial heart: to create a new high-quality domestic olive oil brand! You don't have to wait for the exotic goods, taste the fresh olive oil from Longnan olive! Appropriate, light and beautiful, since its inception, this relaxed and graceful aesthetics of life is rooted in the genes of Olive Times. Thousands of olives are polished to present a bottle of freshly squeezed juice oil. Olive time oil olive from the origin of the treasure, "Chinese olive city" reputation of Gansu Longnan. Latitude 33 ° with the Mediterranean latitude, Longnan suitable climate, adequate sunshine, flowing Bailong River irrigation in the organic matter level of micro-alkaline soil. Touch, see, hear, smell, taste... The liquid gold flowing in the bottle, elegant and delicate and straightforward, is a beautiful stay calm in a fast-paced era. The protagonist of life is always human. Olive Times pays attention to the details of the moment, starting from the lips, teeth and skin, injecting a sense of freshness and ritual into every moment of life. To simplify, to adventure every touch and eat, freeze every "Olive Times."

Certified since: January 17, 2022

Banish was born in a bid to help Australian's reduce their waste with the right products and even better information.

Certified since: January 17, 2022
African Impact Limited

African Impact is a group of entities committed to a more equal world. We focus on advising and facilitating capital into sub-Saharan Africa, with the intention of bringing about more sustainable economies. We are a committed team of multi-disciplinary professionals whose backgrounds cover finance, risk advisory, non-profit management and community building. Our aim is to assist our clients and partners better deploy and manage their human and financial capital, through an integrated and systemic view of our local, regional and international economies.

Certified since: January 14, 2022
Madlug CIC

40,000 children enter the UK care system every year, most have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags or plastic shopping bags. Madlug is an award winning bag brand that stands for 'make a difference luggage' by empowering its customers to give dignity to children in care. With every bag sold, a pack-away travel bag is given to a child in care.

Certified since: January 14, 2022

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