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Smiling Back at Climate Ride

As you saw in our last blog post, Team B the Change hopped on their bikes on May 19th for a five day trip to raise awareness about climate change. Now the riders have returned to reflect on the personal journey:

The experience began months prior to the ride when our Team B the Change was busy recruiting, fundraising, and training in their respective cities. Lara Pearson from Brand Geek, signed up at the drop of a hat and began climbing hills on her bike through the Sierras in Lake Tahoe. Lara recounts: “Dermot and Andy convinced me to join the team. By convinced, I mean they asked me. And, seeing no reason why not, I said yes. I hadn't ridden my bicycle more than three days in a row since I was a kid and I'd never ridden more than 75 miles in a day.”

Tim Frick from Mightybytes raised over $5k for his beneficiaries! Tim Frick elaborates: “These funds will support sustainable endeavors that range from protected bike lanes to environmentally-friendly legislation, from saving our forests to furthering the cause of socially responsible business via B Lab, 1% for the Planet, and others.” Dermot Hikisch and Andy Fyfe from B Lab threw an epic party at B Corp: Luscious Garage in San Francisco and raised over $2k at the event alone. In attendance, B Lab Co-Founder Jay Coen Gilbert recounted, “That was one of the best parties B Lab has put its name behind.” In total, Team B the Change raised $23,315 for Climate Ride and B Lab! Even better, lots more riders chose B Lab as their beneficiary as well.

Beyond the physical demands and fundraising efforts of the ride, it was all about the beauty of the landscapes and the purpose of the riders. 140 riders for Climate Ride were graced with the unparalleled allure of the California’s Northern Coast. Tim Frick described, “the beauty of the route reminds us why we ride and its difficulty reminds us of the many challenges that lie ahead for a sustainable future. Team B the Change charged forward as a brilliant example of that philosophy."

The team cycled from the redwoods in Eureka, to the historic Legget Hill, and off toward the Pacific on the famous Highway 1. Climbing up, and then racing down the colossal hills along the twisted Cyprus trees and gargantuan cliff sides, the team was pushed by the invisible hand of a generous tailwind. Lara exclaims: “Boy do I love downhills - pedal, pedal, pedal, as fast as you can, ‘till you're going too fast to pedal anymore. Then let the road take you as you focus in on what is in front of you, heart pounding, grinning, racing down the hill.” Stephanie affirms: “Never met a gal who loved down hills more than Lara!”

5 days and 327.4 miles…(yes that 0.4 mile is noted!) behind them, the 140 riders crossed the Golden Gate, one by one toward the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall to be joined by family and friends and welcomed formally by environmentalist and author Paul Hawken alongside SF District 8 Supervisor Scott Weiner and SF Environment Director Melanie Nutter. Paul’s keynote speech captured the essence of Climate Ride and its role in the burgeoning movement for sustainability: “This will be the most important movement of the 21st century…it’s not about stopping, it’s about transforming society. This is about reimagining what it means to be a human being.”

A bunch of the riders and Climate Ride team leaders then reunited at Southern Pacific Brewing. Second glances abounded as riders were out of their gear and reintroducing themselves to folks they’ve ridden side by side with. Despite the salute to the riders for finishing and supporting great causes, many were directed toward the Climate Ride staff. Andy Fyfe shares his praise: “They really made this special. A bunch of us riders actually met again a few nights ago to see one of the staff member’s band, Mt. Saint Elias. The Climate Ride team was beyond supportive; they were with us every step of the way.” Lara adds: “The food was delicious. I had a hot shower every night. I felt loved and cared for with every push of my pedals.”

Best news, there’s a Climate Ride coming up on the East Coast from New York to D.C. Lifted over ferry from Manhattan, 160+ riders will be touring through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and onto the steps of the US Capitol. Here, the Climate Ride posse will demand a more sustainable future in our nation. Team B the Change is looking for more riders! Please join B Lab employees to make this team happen. The riders will be wearing apparel from B Corp: Go Lite. Contact Nathan Gilbert from B Lab for more details:

Looking into engaging your employees more with community involvement? A fabulous opportunity is the Climate Ride. Tim Frick and the B Lab team were able to number crunch how the company’s involvement with Climate Ride has boosted their B Impact Score. A ballpark estimate gives a company roughly around 3 points for doing Climate Ride.

Tim Frick recaps: “We raised a total of nearly $472,000.00 for Climate Ride and its beneficiaries on this ride. Climate Ride couldn't accomplish monumental feats like this without the tenacity and fundraising prowess of riders like Team B the Change.” Now that’s climate awesome! You can also read Tim's recap HERE.


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