The B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge

The B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge

The B Corp Community cannot achieve our collective vision without an inclusive economy.

Launched in 2016, the Inclusive Economy Challenge is a call to action for the B Corp Community to increase our collective positive impact and move toward an inclusive economy. An inclusive economy is one that is equitable and creates opportunity for all people of all backgrounds and experiences to live with dignity, to support themselves and their families, and to help their communities thrive. The B Corp Community’s vision of a shared and durable prosperity is not possible without an inclusive economy.

The Inclusive Economy Challenge provides accountability, targeted resources, and a structure of peer learning to help participating companies tackle complex, sensitive, and urgent issues.

Resources for Participating Companies

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This was a collaborative experience that made approaching sensitive topics in and out of the workplace tangible and accessible. I felt like it not only provided a safe container for talking about sensitive topics, but deepened my connection with the B Corp community and our company's connection to our B Corp roots."
Lindsey Bolton, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, All Good by Elemental Herbs

The Challenge

Choose three or more metrics from the Inclusive Economy Metric Set to set goals and improve upon by August 31, 2018.

Metrics cover themes like policies to support vulnerable workers, climate change mitigation, supplier screening, and corporate governance, with the option to focus on specific targets more relevant to your company.

Inclusive Economy Challenge FAQ

WEBINAR: Intro to the Inclusive Economy Challenge

A Place to Start

The question of how to make your company’s operations and business model more inclusive can be overwhelming. The Inclusive Economy Challenge makes it easier to get started by providing a list of relevant metrics from the existing B Impact Assessment, which all B Corps already complete biannually.

By starting from metrics that already exist in the B Impact Assessment and choosing specific targets to work on, companies participating in the Challenge can focus on making concrete improvements over time.

Resources, Support, and Community

No one takes the Challenge alone. Hundreds of other B Corps are working alongside you, and B Lab is dedicated to providing informative resources, connections to experts, and peer networking.

Best Practice Guides provide a starting place for companies working on Inclusive Economy topics, created specifically by B Lab.

Peer Exchange Groupsconnect B Corps with similar goals and resources to create confidential communities of practice.

Customized Support delivers resources relevant to your company’s goals directly to your inbox, keeping you on track to hit your targets.

Progress Worth Celebrating

175 B Corps took the Challenge in its pilot year, accomplishing nearly 300 improvement goals including eliminating wage gaps, overhauling supplier programs, and expanding the ownership of their companies. As we continue to make a collective impact, we will share stories of the important work B Corps are doing on and across our social media platforms. We will also publish the Inclusive Economy Changemakers List to celebrate all Challenge participants who accomplish one or more of their goals by September 2018.

Take the Challenge

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