The B Corp Inclusion Challenge

The B Corp Inclusion Challenge invites every B Corp to set goals and improve on 3 or more inclusion metrics in the B Impact Assessment by September 2017.

Launched at the 2016 B Corp Champions Retreat, the B Corp Inclusion Challenge is the first-ever call-to-action for the B Corp Community to improve our collective impact and take action to move toward an inclusive economy.

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Why Inclusion?   The Business Case for Inclusion

Join the Inclusion Challenge: Choose Your Metrics

1. Review the Inclusive Economy Metric Set

Inclusive Economy Metric Sets differ based on geography, industry and workers. You can see the metric set relevant to your company by downloading a PDF or logging into your B Impact Assessment.

In the B Impact Assessment, find B Corp Inclusion Challenge Introduction in the lefthand navigation. There will be two quick introductory questions to confirm your participation. Answer those, and you’ll see all the B Corp Inclusion Challenge questions in one place!

Don’t see the Inclusion Challenge tab in your B Impact Assessment? We’ll turn it on for you. Email us at

2. Mark metrics to improve upon by September 1, 2017

Marking your goal metrics in your B Impact Assessment is your official sign-up for the B Corp Inclusion Challenge and allows B Lab to send resources to help you improve upon your chosen metrics.

Log into your B Impact Assessment and click the Mark for Improvement star on the righthand corner of the metrics for which you want to set goals to improve.

Download the Getting Started Worksheet

Onboarding: Make an Improvement Plan

1. Download Your Metric Digests

While we'll be releasing long-form best practice guides and scheduling Ask an Expert calls on a monthly basis, we want to give everyone somewhere to start, no matter what metrics you chose. Download the Metrics Digests for the topics your company has chosen to focus on for suggested first steps and links to relevant resources.

See all Metric Digests

2. Connect on the B Hive

Have questions? B Corps have answers. Join an online community of practice to share with other B Corps leading and working to improve on similar metrics (requires B Hive account—register here).

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Group

Put Your Plan Into Action

Once you've chosen your metrics and made an improvement plan, take action! We'll continue to release resources based on the metric set—take advantage of any that you find useful.

Best Practice Guides

Dig into in-depth Best Practice Guides on Inclusive Economy topics. We’ll release more every month on different themes—see upcoming release schedule below. Best Practice Guides go further than the Metric Digests, offering step-by-step recommendations and case studies from fellow B Corps

Peer Exchanges

Peer Exchanges are small, self-facilitated groups of Inclusion Challenge participants from different B Corps who work together to provide support, accountability and opportunities to practice having hard conversations to accompany inclusive economy work. Peer Exchange groups are already working together, but if you sign up now we can match you with a group to join.

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Ask the Experts

Ask an Expert calls connect Inclusion Challenge participants with leaders in the B Corp network with specialized knowledge of inclusion-related topics. Submit questions in advance on the B Hive and get an expert’s perspective on your company’s unique challenges.

In March, we spoke with Linshuang Lu of Praxis Consulting Group to learn more about employee ownership.

Watch Recording

For our month focused on recruiting and retaining diverse talent, we spoke with Tani Brown of Jopwell and Stephanie Sandberg of B Corp Out Leadership, two companies focused on increasing the racial and gender diversity, respectively, of the workforce.

Watch Recording

In January, we spoke with Tiffany Jana, CEO of TMI Consulting and co-author of Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences, about effective diversity & inclusion training.

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