We’re inviting everyone behind the scenes to uncover what makes B Corps better for people and the planet.

B Corps are modelling the kind of business the world needs — business that meets rigorous standards for social and environmental impact, is transparent, and is accountable to all its stakeholders. B Corp Month is a time to amplify the imperative for this kind of business, and to lift up the work that B Corps do to tackle injustice and inequality, and bring positive impact to people and the planet.

All around the world, B Corps are throwing their doors open to reveal how our community is making business a force for good. We’ll also peek behind the curtain at B Lab, for a glimpse into the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation.

Here you’ll find all the information about the events and initiatives taking place throughout March as part of our B Corp Month celebrations. The #BehindtheB campaign showcases how a new way of doing business is changing the world. B Corps of all sizes across multiple industries are joining together to achieve our collective vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative global economic system that benefits all people and the planet.

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