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Our B Lab Global team is distributed across the globe, sitting right next to colleagues from our regional B Lab and Sistema B organizations in Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, New York, Philadelphia, and São Paulo.

Contact B Lab Global

B Lab Global in Pennsylvania, US co-located with B Lab US & Canada 

  • Phone: +1-610-293-0299

  • Fax: +1-610-296-8289

  • Address: 15 Waterloo Avenue, Berwyn, PA, US 19312

B Lab Global in New York, US co-located with B Lab US & Canada

  • Phone: +1-212-608-4150

  • Address: 40 Exchange Place, Suite 1001, New York, NY USA 10005

B Lab Global in Amsterdam, NL co-located with B Lab Europe

  • Address: Mauritskade 63, Amsterdam, North Holland NL

B Lab Global in London, UK co-located with B Lab UK

  • Address: x+why, 20-30 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1EW

B Lab Global in Melbourne, AU co-located with B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Address: c/o The Commons QV, 3 Albert Coates Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

B Lab Global in São Paulo, BR co-located with Sistema B Brasil

  • Address: Endereço: Rua Jurandá, 199, Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP

To reach B Lab via email, reach out to support [at] bcorporation [dot] net. For press and media inquiries, reach out to press [at] bcorporation [dot] net.

Looking for information about careers at B Lab? Visit our Careers page

  • United States & Canada: certify [at] bcorporation [dot] net | community [at] bcorporation.net

  • United Kingdom: hello [at] bcorporation [dot] uk | certification [at] bcorporation [dot] uk

  • Latin America: comunicaciones [at] sistemab [dot] org

  • East Africa: hello [at] b-labafrica [dot] net

  • Australia & New Zealand: support [at] bcorporation [dot] com [dot] au

  • Europe: info [at] bcorporation [dot] eu

  • Switzerland: support [at] blab-switzerland [dot] ch

  • Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg: benelux [at] bcorporation [dot] eu

  • France: Coming soon

  • Italy: italy [at] bcorporation [dot] eu

  • Spain: spain [at] bcorporation [dot] eu

  • Portugal: Coming soon

  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland: nordics [at] bcorporation [dot] eu 

  • Germany: germany [at] bcorporation [dot] eu 

  • Taiwan: blabtaiwan_certification [at] blab [dot] tw

  • South Korea: blabkorea [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Mainland China: Coming soon

  • Hong Kong/Macau: Coming soon

  • Japan: Coming soon

  • Singapore: Coming soon

  • South East Asia: info [at] bcorpsea [dot] org

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