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Do you work for a B Corp or prospective B Corp, or any company looking to manage and better understand its environmental and social impact? Have questions about our standards, our tools like the B Impact Assessment or SDG Action Manager, our programs like B Movement Builders, or other global initiatives from B Lab? Browse here to get started. 


Please refer to our Knowledge Base for guidance and support regarding B Corp Certification.  


The frameworks, tools, and guidelines contained in our Global Brand Book are designed to help our network and the B Corp community work together to drive a cohesive, consistent, and differentiated strategy towards our vision of economic systems change. B Lab Global updates this resource on a yearly basis, and regional B Lab and Sistema B teams often tailor this resource for their own markets.

Download B Corp community brand guidelines here

To understand nuances specific to where your company is located, connect with your regional B Lab or Sistema B team.


Whether you’re a multinational company or a sole proprietor, these resources will walk you through the process of creating a business that’s better for the world. Check out our B Corp Certification guides and other resources for navigating stakeholder governance and environmental and social impact. 


Read up on the history and impact of the B Corp movement and the push for benefit corporation legal framework. For the latest news headlines about B Lab and B Corps, please check out our News page.


B Corporation Certification is a company-level certification. B Lab’s brand guidelines and certification terms for companies with related entities helps to ensure that the B Corp intellectual property (IP) preserves its meaning as a designation of a business that meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. In most cases, a Certified B Corporation can also use the Certified B Corp IP on brands, divisions, and affiliated entities or subsidiaries — including those with a different name than the Certified B Corp parent — if those brands have been verified to meet the performance requirement independently. This typically occurs during certification and recertification process.

Download the new joint guide for small business

Recognizing the need for guidance for small businesses, Fairtrade and B Lab have partnered to develop a joint guide supporting these companies in implementing socially and environmentally responsible business practices, even with limited resources.

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