New podcast series explores how business can help solve our most pressing social and environmental problems

A co-production from B Lab, Humanity Lab Foundation, and Hueman Group Media
By B Lab Global
January 12, 2022

NEW YORK, 12 January 2022 — Today, B Lab, a global network of organizations dedicated to transforming the economic system, in partnership with Finding Humanity, a podcast that shares true stories of courage and purpose in the face of today’s pressing social justice, equality, and human rights issues, launched a special series that explores the question: can businesses help solve the greatest societal challenges we face? The series is produced by Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media.

Historically, the business sector has accelerated social inequity, fueled human rights violations, and exacerbated climate change. Today, an increasing number of companies are actively working to create solutions that build more inclusive and equitable economies. This series will explore what businesses are doing — and the roadblocks they have to overcome — to shape a future that benefits us all. 

Hazami Barmada, host of the Finding Humanity podcast, and Juan Pablo Larenas, co-founder of Sistema B, offer honest conversations with leaders and policy experts. Together, they examine the role of the business community in addressing today’s pivotal challenges — from building more inclusive workforces, to reducing the environmental damage of consumer products, to ending food waste that can alleviate the hunger of more than 820 million people.

“As B Lab’s foray into podcasting, this is an exciting opportunity to balance discussions of macro issues while highlighting solutions and the actual experts and leaders behind them,” said Hannah Munger, Global Communications & Marketing Director at B Lab Global. “We hope that these episodes help to shift the dominant narratives of business, and encourage listeners to demand more from businesses themselves — whether it’s the company you work for, or the company you lead, or the various companies that you shop from or that operate in your community.” 

The first episode, available on January 18, 2022, tackles barriers to equitable and fair employment, with a focus on the practice of Open Hiring® — a model originated by US bakery and Certified B Corp Greyston — where employers hire individuals regardless of education, work history, or social barriers. Listeners will hear from guest speakers Joseph Kenner, president and CEO of Greyston; Antonia Tony-Fadipe, Inclusive Hiring Lead at The Body Shop, a B Corp global beauty brand; and Chidi King, Branch Chief of Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the United Nations’ International Labour Organization.

“Finding Humanity aims to foster the intellectual curiosity needed to catalyze progress on ending the injustices that damage our world. Our hope is that with a more nuanced understanding of social and public affairs, comes a commitment to action,” said Finding Humanity Host, Hazami Barmada, Founder of the Humanity Lab Foundation. “In producing this special series with B Lab, our goal is to peel back the layers that surround today’s challenges and have honest conversations on how businesses can positively impact billions of lives.” 

Other episodes feature speakers from B Corps including Eva Gouwens, CEO of Fairphone; Philippe Schuler, Global Impact Manager of Too Good to Go; Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of Illy Cafe; Surbhi Martin, VP of Greek Yogurt and Functional Nutrition for Danone North America; as well as leading international experts Chief Justice Leo Strine; Chief Economist Maximo Torero from the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization; Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Jessica Yinka Thomas, Professor, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University and President and Board Chair, B Academics; Holly Ensign-Barstow, Director of Stakeholder Governance and Policy for B Lab U.S. & Canada; and Nathan Proctor, Senior Director of Right to Repair campaigns, U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

“As a podcast company focused on inspiring positive social change and impact, we couldn’t be more thrilled to produce this special series for B Lab,” said Camille Laurente, CEO and co-founder of Hueman Group Media. “Through human interest stories and expert insights, Finding Humanity is the ideal platform to explore what business leaders are doing today — and what their actions mean for workers, consumers, communities, and our planet.”

The Finding Humanity podcast and this series can be found on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. Listen to the trailer here and visit to learn more.

About B Lab: B Lab is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, our global network creates standards, policies, tools, and programs for business, and we certify companies—known as B Corps—who are leading the way. By harnessing the power of business, B Lab positively impacts 370,000 workers in over 4,300 B Corps across 77 countries and 153 industries, and more than 150,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager. To learn more, visit

About Finding Humanity: Finding Humanity is a podcast that shares true stories of courage and purpose in the face of today’s pressing social justice, equality, and human rights issues. With the help of leading global experts and advocates, host Hazami Barmada examines how we got here and how you can be a part of solving humanity’s biggest challenges. Produced by Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media.

About Humanity Lab Foundation: Humanity Lab is a non-profit that catalyzes leadership, public engagement and social innovation to create a just and equitable world. Through a diverse portfolio of award-winning programs, the Humanity Lab collaborates with leading global brands, the United Nations, and everyday people to solve complex societal challenges and inspire progress on social and human development. 

About Hueman Group Media: Hueman Group Media is a podcast company for social change and impact. HGM works with leading nonprofit organizations, for purpose companies, and thought leaders to amplify conversations around today’s most important issues including gender equity, climate change, social justice, and mental health. HGM has produced podcasts and partnered with organizations including The Elders, B Lab, UN Foundation, Vodafone Americas Foundation, and MIT Solve.

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