Collective Action

Developing local, regional, and global communities for change.

Developing local, regional, and global communities for change is a core strategy for B Lab Global and the B Global Network. B Corps, benefit corporations, and businesses that use our tools — like the B Impact Assessment and SDG Action Manager — are taking collective action to transform our global economic system. To learn more about local collective action initiatives, please visit the website of the B Lab or Sistema B organization in your region. 


As the primary emitter of greenhouse gases, the business sector is uniquely culpable for the climate emergency. Businesses have a critical opportunity to lead by drawing down carbon as rapidly as possible — and use their platforms to directly address the injustices brought about and exacerbated by climate change. 

B Corp Climate Collective is a group of Certified B Corporations and other businesses working with our network of B Lab and Sistema B organizations to address the current climate trajectory. The B Corp Climate Collective develops resources in partnership with allied organizations to support businesses’ climate action journeys, including the Climate Justice Playbook for Business and the B Climate Tools Base

As an accelerator to UNFCCC's Race to Zero campaign, the BCCC drives businesses towards making net zero commitments by working with existing Race to Zero partners.


Around the world, collective action initiatives are led by Certified B Corporations with support and involvement from our global network of B Lab and Sistema B organizations. B Corps and non B Corps are connecting, collaborating, and taking collective action on:

Income disparity: Desafío 10x

Desafío 10X was born with the aim of inspiring companies to share the value they generate, in order to improve the well-being of their workers and reduce the pay gap to a maximum of 10X. The initiative invites employers to make a voluntary commitment to their workers within a two year period. 

Naming, disrupting, and dismantling white supremacy: Dismantle Collective

Dismantle Collective is an all person of color group working to name, disrupt, and dismantle white supremacy and to envision an economic system that works for everyone. Through events and community forums, the collective creates space for courageous, explicit dialogue between people of color and white allies, including activists and community organizers, employees and businesses, policymakers, and local residents. 

Gender inequality: We the Change

A collective of women leaders of Certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven enterprises championing business as a force for good. This includes promoting sustainable business practices and innovations, increasing the flow of capital to women-led enterprises, advocating for systemic changes to uplift marginalized identities, and aligning business practices with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Making industry standards sustainable and equitable: B Beauty — A B Corp Beauty Coalition

A coalition of 26 leading Certified B Corporations across eight countries and three continents seeking to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry. B Beauty's mission is to enable collaboration and exchange between companies; identify and share better practices; implement improvement actions and publish their outcomes; help beauty customers more easily navigate the category; and to influence the beauty industry to trigger broader changes which can ultimately improve its social and environmental footprint.

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