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As a nonprofit organization, B Lab's work would not be possible without the critical support and partnership of our philanthropic funders.

B Lab’s efforts to transform the business sector, in partnership with peers, policymakers, business leaders, and investors, are gaining momentum and our vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy feels possible like never before.

The support of our philanthropic funders, including foundations, governmental agencies, individuals, and corporations is paving the way for sustainable, long-term impact as we leverage business as a force for good. Thanks to their generosity and partnership, we are building a movement to transform the global economy so that it benefits all people, communities, and the planet. Join us.


B Lab depends on philanthropic support to innovate and launch new programs, develop and advance business practices to center workers and other stakeholders in decision-making, and power our core movement-building work, including research, advocacy, and collective action.

Philanthropic support helped build a proof of concept for the B Corp movement and every dollar has been valuable in helping us reach our current position and spread the narrative of a stakeholder economy. Today, B Lab uses philanthropy to identify and build products and our Standards ahead of the market. Philanthropy enables us to keep social impact at the center of what we do and to build the tools needed to scale this impact—even before the market is ready to pay. We have a remarkable opportunity to catalyze impact in the business world and create an economy that benefits all people and the planet. Your support enables us to invest in critical work today that will accelerate meaningful change for future generations.


Transforming the economic system will take generations. We need more than project-restricted, short-term grants to drive the change we need. Read more from B Lab Global’s Strategic Growth team: Why flexible philanthropic funding is at the heart of effective systems change.


To review our 990 Forms, please visit Guidestar.


To see a list of our current philanthropic partners, explore the 2023 Annual Report


B Lab has developed guidelines to minimize conflict of interest, reputational risk, and mission drift. We maintain a balance of mission-aligned philanthropic and earned revenue. Our Standards development and certification processes are transparent and clearly articulated, as is our complaints mechanism to address controversial issues and industries.

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Support our work

Be a part of the movement making business a force for good. Your support will help B Lab build an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system.

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