Why is B Lab Global temporarily pausing certification for companies operating outside of Global or Country Partner regions?

1. Why has B Lab Global taken the decision to pause support for B Corp Certification in regions that have no Global or Country partner present ? 

Most B Corps in the community are supported by regional teams where B Lab’s Global and Country Partners operate. 

Without the knowledge of regional and local teams, B Lab Global lacks context about specific business environments, so risk reviews cannot be properly conducted.

When companies outside our Global Partner regions attempt the certification process, they turn to our general customer support team for assistance who are not trained in certification work, often resulting in an unsatisfactory experience for companies seeking certification.

At this time B Lab Global is not resourced to create a team dedicated to supporting companies outside our current Global Partners regions before or after certification.

2. When will this change take effect? 

This change will take effect from 6 October 2023.

3. Is this a permanent decision?

This is a temporary pause while B Lab Global evaluates how best to support the community of B Corps - we remain committed to ensuring the B Corp movement champions every company that meets a high standard of social and environmental performance. B Lab Global will continue to monitor the impact of the decision over the coming months.

4. What if I have already submitted my B Impact Assessment, and I am currently undergoing verification? 

If you have already submitted your B Impact Assessment, this does not impact your company. New companies can submit the B Impact Assessment before the deadline of 6 October 2023. Companies that are currently certified will continue to be eligible to submit for recertification indefinitely. 

Some other exclusions to this pause include companies that are subsidiaries of a certifying parent company located in an currently eligible region. 

Companies that are interested in joining the B Movement Builder Program are also eligible to do so, even though B Corp Certification may not be eligible for them in the near term.  

5. How does this impact B Lab’s vision of an ‘inclusive’ economy? 

B Lab remains committed to delivering on our vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. We recognise that in order to transform the economy, we must transform business practices globally, recognising all companies that contribute to make business a force for good. 

In order to deliver on this vision, B Lab must take the necessary steps to reinvent our own operations. This means a temporary pause in certifying companies outside of Global Partner and Country Partner regions to evaluate how best to serve our community. We remain committed to ensuring that our movement champions every company that meets a high standard of social and environmental performance.

6. Can I support B Lab in helping companies to certify in regions that are not supported due to the temporary pause?

All companies can continue to use the B Impact Assessment to measure and improve their impact on B Lab’s standards. If there is strong demand from a group of non-certified companies (5+ companies with at least 80% BIA completion) or the existing community of Certified B Corps (2+ companies) in a region that is currently ineligible to certify due to the temporary pause, and you would like to support the continued growth in said region, please submit a ticket to get in touch with the team responsible for Strategic Partnerships and Global Growth.

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