Will I need to change my company's legal structure to certify?

The B Corp legal requirement is an important element of certification and is not optional. 

B Corps adopt a legal framework that ensures the protection of their mission by requiring the company to consider the impact of its decisions on its stakeholders and have a wider purpose beyond just creating value for shareholders. This increased accountability enables B Corps to build mission into the legal charter of the company as it grows, brings in outside capital, or plans succession, ensuring that company values can better survive new management, new investors, and even new ownership. Navigate to the Legal Requirement Tool and fill out your company’s country of incorporation, province or state and the corporate form to see what your legal requirement for certification is. B Corp certification requires companies meet the legal requirement at the highest level in the certifying company's legal structure. Only in specific limited circumstances may the legal requirement be applied at a lower operational entity and not a parent company if B Lab has deemed the Parent company to be in scope of the company's certification. If your company has related entities in its legal structure, please contact the B Lab Partner in your region.

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