Bantr Collective Incorporated

Pending B Corporation

New Jersey, United States


Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

Operates In

United States


Bantr is a structured, small group discussion platform (2-5pp), sorting and filtering users by the shows they watch and at the pace they watch them. Television was chosen as our first medium, due to its mass appeal as a leisure activity and its expansive, society-reflecting list of potential discussion topics. Users’ anonymity will be prioritized to provide a safe space to openly discuss and develop ideas. Bantr has registered as a public benefit corporation. Our goal is to encourage prosocial behaviors, while assisting a user’s self-discovery. Self-reflection and introspection are fostered by revealing data trends in the user’s consumption and the Bantr app engagement. After sorting and filtering to minimize the chance of spoilers, Bantr will provide discussion prompts sourced from stakeholders (i.e. advertisers, universities, cast/crew). These topic starters will act as icebreakers and guidance for meaningful banter and to provide examples for users to generate their own unique prompts. Bantr’s use of modern technology implementation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are critical tools to bridging the current social, political and economic divide.

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