Conservatorio SA

Certified B Corporation

Panama City, Panama

Certified Since

December 2016


Real estate development


Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

Operates In


Conservatrio seeks sustainable profits for its investors and positive social impact for their community. They build residential, commercial, office and hotels. Because they work in a diverse city center, they build at the highest of the high-end as well as extremely affordable. Their core competencies are analysis and acquisition, conceptualization and development, sales and property operations. They take a holistic approach to development that emphasizes five elements: community, culture, commerce, social progress and environmental sustainability. Conservatorio sits at the fascinating intersection of commerce, culture, social progress and environmental protection. They see Panama City's urban core becoming the vibrant, unique heart of the city while creating prosperity for its marginalized populations and inspiring other cities in Latin America.

Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, Conservatorio SA earned an overall score of 86.7. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.
86.7 Overall B Impact Score
80 Qualifies for B Corp Certification
50.9 Median Score for Ordinary Businesses

Governance 17.1

Workers 24.5

Community 20.4

Environment 13.6

Customers 10.9

Previous Overall B Impact Scores

2021 Overall B Impact Score86.7
2016 Overall B Impact Score85.8

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