Crepes y Waffles Colombia

Certified B Corporation

Cundinamarca Department, Colombia

Certified Since

March 2016


Food products



Operates In


Crepes & Waffles S.A. is a Colombian restaurant business, established as a small French-inspired creperie in Bogota in 1980. 92 percent of its 3,000+ employees are women. Not only are they women, but many of them are single mothers, and often the sole breadwinners in their families. The chain, which has been billed as a model of women's economic empowerment in the private sector in Latin America, has 34 restaurants abroad, including in Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Spain.

Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, Crepes y Waffles Colombia earned an overall score of 94.6. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.
94.6 Overall B Impact Score
80 Qualifies for B Corp Certification
50.9 Median Score for Ordinary Businesses

Governance 12.0

Workers 20.0

Community 49.0

Environment 13.5

Previous Overall B Impact Scores

2019 Overall B Impact Score94.6
2016 Overall B Impact Score99.1

Additional Documentation

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Best for the World

Every year, B Lab recognizes the B Corps that have achieved the highest verified scores in the five impact areas evaluated on the B Impact Assessment.

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