Edge Environment

Certified B Corporation

New South Wales, Australia

Certified Since

April 2016


Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

Operates In



New Zealand,

United States

Sydney based sustainability consultancy Edge Environment was established for the purpose of bringing value to organisations and people by effectively measuring, understanding and managing sustainability based on sound science. Edge’s team aspire is to be at the forefront of environmental change delivering pioneering work and solutions that create a positive legacy. Edge is a leading solutions provider and partner for life cycle thinking, industrial ecology, resource efficiency, sustainability measurement, supply chain management, procurement, and climate change adaptation. Edge is actively involved in researching innovative ways to address sustainability challenges in partnership with their clients. Edge strategy for being the preferred company to work with and for is to be a constant innovator. It is in Edge’s DNA to invest in and constantly explore better ways to create value and innovate for good. Edge believes sustainability will only become the norm for organisations when it can be reliably measured and understood. Edge wants to be part of the solution, to fill the significant gap between recognising the problem we face from a planetary and societal perspective, and being able to address the issues within the economies in which we all operate.

Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, Edge Environment earned an overall score of 93.7. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.
93.7 Overall B Impact Score
80 Qualifies for B Corp Certification
50.9 Median Score for Ordinary Businesses

Governance 12.0

Workers 27.3

Community 15.9

Environment 10.8

Customers 27.4

Previous Overall B Impact Scores

2018 Overall B Impact Score93.7
2016 Overall B Impact Score93.4

Best for the World

Each year, B Lab releases lists honoring the top-performing Certified B Corporations overall as well as within each Impact Area.

Best For The World: Customers2019

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