Certified B Corporation

Rhône-Alpes, France

Certified Since

December 2019


Food products



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Netherlands The,


United Kingdom

Ecotone is a leading company in the European market for organic and vegetarian food. With offices and production sites across seven countries we employ around 1,600 people. Our purpose is ‘Food for Biodiversity’ and we focus on organic, vegetarian, fair trade and nutritionally beneficial products. Headquartered in Lyon, our family of companies is committed to making food that supports biodiversity. Our brands include many pioneers and market leaders : Allos, Alter Eco, Abbot Kinney’s, Bjorg, Bonneterre, Clipper, Destination, El Granero, Isola Bio, Kallø, Tartex, Whole Earth and Zonnatura. In 2019 Ecotone has become Europe’s first multinational B Corp food business.

Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, ecotone earned an overall score of 116.5. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.
116.5 Overall B Impact Score
80 Qualifies for B Corp Certification
50.9 Median Score for Ordinary Businesses

Governance 18.7

Workers 27.9

Community 23.0

Environment 42.0

Customers 4.6

Previous Overall B Impact Scores

2022 Overall B Impact Score116.5
2019 Overall B Impact Score91.7

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