B Corp Month 2023 roundup: business going beyond expectations

Discover how the B Corp community celebrated across the globe.
By B Lab Global
April 6, 2023

March is always a busy but inspiring month across the B Corp movement; we witness Certified B Corporations from around the world collaborating to champion business as a force for good. This year’s B Corp Month campaign ‘We Go Beyond’ showcased why and how B Corps go beyond expectations and take action to transform the economic system. 

From China’s ‘B Store’ to B Lab Europe’s 'We go beyond being strangers' networking cards, discover the energizing and fun ways that the campaign came to life this year:

  • The team at B Lab Africa conducted a testimonial video campaign with Essam AlMaddah, HR Director & General Secretary at Danone Egypt, to learn about the organization’s experience as a B Corp. 

  • Plus, B Lab Africa also held their quarterly B Corp Social Connect event, hosted in Nairobi, Kenya. The event was attended by B Corps including Mantaray, Mr Green Africa, 4G capital, Enda, Buildx Studio and Jumo

  • In Singapore, newly certified B Corp We Are Caring offered a volunteering day to all employees to connect with the community, educating them about what it means to be a B Corp, and asking the team for a personal commitment to go beyond. Plus, The Inceptery hosted a potluck gathering for existing and aspiring B Corps. 

  • In China, the pop-up concept ‘B Store’ brought together B Corps from China and abroad to showcase what it means to be a “force for good”. Through products, presentations and events, the B Store highlighted stories behind B Corps including B Corps included Teapigs, KOKOLU, Keepcup, GIVINGBACK, and many more.

  • B Lab Korea and Continew co-hosted a #WeGoBeyond Community event inviting B Corps to 'Ecological Plant 021', Continew's sustainable factory. Continew is a fashion company making bags from discarded car seat leather, airbags and marine net waste, and achieving carbon neutrality through solar power and a hybrid water regeneration system. 

  • In Hong Kong & Macau, the B Corp Community came together with B Lab (HK & Macau) and On The List co-hosting a #WeGoBeyond Cocktail Party to bring purpose-driven individuals and impactful businesses together. 

Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Meaningful and fun conversations were had in Europe with conversation “We go beyond being strangers” cards created for networking events during B Corp Month. 

  • In Germany, The Body Shop educated customers through its newsletter, explaining what it means to be a B Corp and linking to a dedicated page on their website explaining why they became a B Corp, explaining the certification process and score, and sharing examples of concrete impact initiatives.

  • B Lab France unveiled the first episode of a new format called the B Lab Show, a sort of mock newscast that looks ahead to the end of 2023 on the accomplishments of the B Corp movement throughout that year. 

  • B Lab Switzerland celebrated the launch of their B Corp Awareness campaign on March 16 in Zurich with around 30 attendees. The team also sent stickers and postcards to 14 different B Corps in the community. 

  • Many point of sale and in-store activations happened across the globe in March, and Spain was no exception; Veritas showcased the We Go Beyond creative on their store shelves and we saw the creation of a B Corp Showroom open to the public, and showcasing 23 B Corp brands. 

Latin America 
  • The region held a number of well-attended B Corp events including webinars and community get-togethers: 

    • ABCOM hosted a webinar ‘innovando desde el triple impacto’ with over 228 participants attending! 

    • Day B in Paraguay served as a networking event to strengthen and inspire the community and connect about certification. A total of 41 attendees representing different B Corps celebrated.

    • Peru held several events including a breakfast for B Leaders with journalists and B Corps, plus 2 virtual ‘Collective Action’ sessions to discover possible synergies and alliances between B Corps in the community.

  • We also saw the campaign come to life in a number of experiential and creative ways:

    • In Argentina, we saw point of sale retail activations in 6 branches of La Anónima store, bringing together produce from #GondolaB organizations including Arytza, Bosque Gin, Lagarde, Porta, Wally’s Tea and Zafrán

    • Out-of-home and store front activations were created across B Corp Pensaer supporting installation of billboards on public roads.

    • In Paraguay B Corp Copipunto got creative with its store facades in the city of Asunción and La Marchante, a healthy food market and Certified B Corporation, included point-of-sale creative in its stores to highlight B Corp products; Pressumo, Nude, Juan Valdez, Pacari, Nuts&Fit, Broterra and more. 

United Kingdom
  • The Big B went on tour in the UK, with B Corps, including x&why, True Start Coffee, One Stone and Warners Distillery borrowing it to host events in iconic locations and spark conversation in local areas. 

  • A partnership with B Corp OPEN, saw the B Corp brand come to life in out-of-home advertising across the UK to drive awareness in target regions. This activity delivered 8.6 million impressions across placements including Liverpool Central Station, Hotel Football, Manchester, Guilford Street, Cardiff and Hull Central. 

  • Collaborative activations from B Corps themselves included Coutts bank inviting female-led B Corps to feature in a window wrap at their HQ - on the Strand, one of London’s main footfall streets. And The Guardian featured a one page ad in their print edition highlighting 20 other B Corps in the community. 

United States & Canada
  • In San Francisco, Fireclay Tile ran a pop-up shop and event for like-minded makers

  • Unity Web Agency hosted a LinkedIn Live panel in celebration of B Corp Month and Women's History Month, featuring inspiring women leaders in the community sharing how their businesses go beyond. 

  • Impact Growth Partners hosted a virtual event, leading a discussion about B Corps, the certification process, and why businesses who aren’t yet in the community should consider certifying.

We can't wait to see what 2024 brings!

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