Call for Standards Advisory Council Applications from Latin America and Europe

B Lab is looking for qualified individuals with expertise in sustainability assurance or ESG indicators and metrics to provide input on the ongoing evolution of our standards and governance.
By B Lab Global
February 10, 2022

B Lab is excited to announce a call for applications from qualified individuals based in Latin America and Europe to fill two open seats on our independent Standards Advisory Council for 2022 and beyond. We would also like to acknowledge Stephanie Nieman and Kelly McCarthy, the two  Standards Advisory Council members who have had their terms conclude at the end of 2021.  Thank you for your years of service and many contributions to the movement!    

At the core of B Lab’s work is a set of rigorous performance-based principles and standards designed to differentiate high-performing, mission-driven companies as Certified B Corporations; educate and inspire companies towards meaningful continuous improvement; and maintain the integrity and credibility of the movement in its pursuit of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system. The Standards Advisory Council (SAC) is an independent governing body tasked with developing and overseeing the application of these standards, thus playing a critical role in the B Corp community and broader efforts to define performance expectations for businesses on social and environmental issues.  

New SAC members will join a dynamic and diverse group of individuals currently serving on the Standards Advisory Council at a meaningful moment in the evolution of B Lab’s standards and its governance, which includes an overall review of B Corp Performance Requirements announced in December of 2020, B Lab’s commitment to become an anti-racist organization, and the expansion of Regional Standards Advisory Groups to provide global and broader community and stakeholder inputs into its standards development processes.  

Participation represents a significant opportunity for qualified and passionate individuals to meaningfully contribute to the B Corp movement, provide direct voice into the B Corp standards, help hold companies accountable to high standards of performance, and actively contribute to the ongoing evolution and dialogue around what good business looks like on the journey towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system.  

SAC members serve up to two four-year terms, with a time commitment of approximately 40 hours per year. An honorarium of 3000 USD is offered per year, and if not already a participant, new SAC members are also asked to participate and be a liaison between their local Regional Standards Advisory Groups and the Standards Advisory Council. 

In addition to the standard qualifications sought for SAC members, in order to maintain and improve the balance of representation on the council, we are seeking individuals with the following profile: 

  • Individuals who identify as women, trans, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming 

  • Individuals from Latin America and Europe (priority will be given to candidates from Spanish-speaking Latin America, France, and Southern Europe)

  • Individuals with specific experience in either sustainability assurance or ESG indicators and metrics 

A more detailed role description and list of qualifications is available here, and interested candidates can submit their application via this form by February 28th. A short list of candidates will be identified for interviews before being selected, with selections being made by the end of March. 

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