Our statement on the ongoing conflict, and resources from our global partners at B Lab Europe.
By B Lab Global
March 7, 2022

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We are all Interdependent.

Peace and justice are vital to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative society. ​​We need peace to unify together in the efforts to protect our planet and people. All people. We are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.


B Lab & Sistema B condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The devastating effects of war, as seen in ongoing armed conflicts around the globe, have long-term negative impacts on people, communities, infrastructure, economy, public health provisions, and social order. We call on our B Corp community, partners, and business leaders at large to find ways to care for and support those affected in Ukraine, Russia, and neighboring countries.

  • Check in on your colleagues, suppliers and partners in Ukraine and Russia

  • Offer your services to support and provide access of the information needed to get involved in helping the Ukraine

  • Donate to organizations on the ground

  • Demand action from your government

  • Support grass root movements and protect civic society on national and local community level

  • Be mindful of the news you consume; rely on reputable news sources

Organizations to Support

Please note this list has been curated by a third party (see original here) and B Lab does not have any affiliations with any of these organizations.

International Renaissance Foundation

Ukrainian NGO financing projects and programs which foster the development of civil society and promote rule of law and independent mass media. Find out more.

People in Need

Czech-based NGO providing humanitarian aid in critical regions in the spirit of the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross. Find out more.

"Територія Добра" or Territory of Kindness

Ukrainian NGO that provides assistance to the military and assistance to children. Find out more | Donate


U.S.-based non-profit supporting the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of a democratic society with dignity, justice, and human and civil rights for all. Find out more | Donate

"Повернись живим" or Save Life in UA

Ukrainian NGO that helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Find out more | Donate

Army SOS

Ukrainian NGO helping equip the armed forces on the front, mostly investing in providing the necessary technology and protective gear. Find out more | Donate

Initiatives led by B Corp Movement team in Poland
  • Legal Support via Impactiv Law Firm

    If anyone in your network affected by the invasion is looking for help (including specifically legal) related to migrant status, human rights issues, anything – please feel free to get in touch – +48 501 356 294 (WhatsApp preferred). We will do everything to help or organize professional legal assistance.

  • Refugee Support in Poland

    Our local team in Poland is developing a project in partnership with the Polish Diversity Chamber of Commerce and the local B Community to help refugees land and receive the support they need in Poland.

External Resources

Database of multiple resources to provide help for the people in Ukraine, including accommodation, transport, donations, and humanitarian support. Find out more.

Polish Bar (Adwokatura Polska)

The bar organizes legal assistance for Ukrainian citizens - this page includes contact details to the regional bar associations. Find out more.

Resources for Ukrainian Refugees

An extensive list of resources for refugees seeking asylum across the region. Find out more. Find out more.

Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

An international strategic communications hub with active outreach to audiences both in Ukraine and abroad. Find out more.

Change.org Petition

Sign a petition initiated by Le Monde for the official recognition of Ukraine as a candidate state for EU membership. Find out more.

B Corps taking action
Skandinavisk | Donating their profits

Fragrance company Skandinavisk has already donated 2% of their February income (around half their profits) and going forward will donate 100% of their blue ØY fragrance and yellow LYKKE fragrance. Find out more.

WorldStartup | Offering its space and guidance

A Dutch accelerator for impact startups, WorldStartup offers their office and the Next Valley program to startups from Ukraine and Russia. They also offer to help startups with obtaining a Dutch startup visa, access to office space in The Hague, and a one-year mentorship, free of charge. Find out more.


A day after Russian troops attacked tiny Snake Island, coffee brand Moyee turned a Ukrainian border guard's now-famous response into a coffee flavor, with 100% of profits going to the Ukraine crisis. Find out more.

ANG | Help Ukraine

Polish financial intermediation company ANG is supporting different initiatives, including accommodation and job search for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Find out more.

Ecosia | Accommodation for people from Ukraine

A joint initiative of Ecosia, Elinor, GLS Bank, and betterplace.org is providing volunteer accommodation to people fleeing the invasion. Find out more.

Netguru | #TechForUkraine

Netguru offers free Software Services offered by Tech Companies to build resilience and strengthen civil society. Find our more.

A message from B Lab Global's co-founder

B Lab Global Co-Founder Andrew Kassoy addresses the Russian invasion of Ukraine in our Insights newsletter.

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