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17 days for 17 goals campaign

September 2021 saw the launch of our first SDG Insights Report and the 17 Days for 17 Goals content series, bringing to life how B Lab's mission and work align with business action on the Global Goals.

Across 17 days, we demonstrated how the B Lab community is showing up to work towards the 2030 agenda - from B Corps to Movement builders, funders, partners and SDG Action Manager users. Discover all of our content from the series below - we hope you find inspiration and continue to take action to contribute towards the fulfilment of the SDGs.

Highlighting some key points from B Lab's SDG Insights Report and showcasing some examples from the B Corp community, this infographic presents a snapshot of how the B Corp movement is working towards the fulfilment of Goal 1. SEE THE INFOGRAPHIC

B Corps around the world are demonstrating many ways in which the private sector can take action to achieve a future without hunger with innovative and sustainable solutions that make business sense. READ THE ARTICLE

We caught up with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the largest philanthropy in the US focused exclusively on health, to deep dive into SDG 3 and businesses role in achieving this goal even beyond their walls and operations. READ THE INTERVIEW

Education is a key component of the B Corp movement’s mission and one of the most promising levers for businesses to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. WATCH THE VIDEO

With less than a decade to deliver on the UN's 2030 Agenda, discover how businesses using the B Lab & UN Global Compact's SDG Action Manager are performing against SDG5: Gender Equality. WATCH THE ANIMATION

Lack of access to drinkable and safe water and essential public health services prevents several countries from achieving more inclusive socio-economic growth and political stability. Discover how the private sector can play a crucial role in accelerating this process. READ THE ARTICLE

Diverse stakeholders from the B Corp movement give precious insights on the energy transition, levers, and obstacles to bring it at scale, with perspective on the different geographical markets, and their advice for businesses to address SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy. WATCH THE VIDEO

Across the world, the global B Corp community is presenting a valuable example of diverse ways in which the private sector can take action on SDG8, aiming to deliver sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. WATCH THE VIDEO

Discover how some of the B Movement Builders, a coalition of leading multinational corporations working to drive economic systems change, are taking meaningful action towards SDG9 through increased innovation and investment in research & development. READ THE ARTICLE

The B Corp movement is guided by the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), and so the work being carried out around the world is fully committed to Reduced Inequalities. We urge the business community to join us to achieve an equitable society. WATCH THE VIDEO

Cities CAN B is a platform designed to mobilize hundreds of thousands of neighbours(citizens and organizations) to collaborate around the Sustainable Development Goals. The focus is to convene diverse city actors to create a local common shared purpose. WATCH THE VIDEO

We teamed up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to understand how the businesses community can hone the power of circular economy towards the fulfilment of SDG 12. WATCH THE VIDEO

The B Corp Global Climate Summit was created to provide a space for the private sector and other interested parties to learn, share, discuss, and above all, work together to tackle the climate crisis during 3 days and throughout more than 70 sessions. Check the digest we have prepared with some key highlights. WATCH THE VIDEO

Recent research indicates that SDG 14: Life Below Water is one of the least prioritised SDGs by the business community. Read on to understand how some companies are turning the tide to protect and restore ecosystems, reduce marine pollution and champion sustainable fishing. READ THE ARTICLE

In this feature, we talk to companies across the globe to understand how the private sector is contributing to SDG15 through regenerative agricultural practices - and their hopes for the future of our lands. READ THE ARTICLE

Discover how the B Global Network is pushing for business legislation that puts the interests of people and the planet at the core of business operations for the benefit of all stakeholders and not only shareholders. WATCH THE VIDEO

Extreme, multi-stakeholder collaboration is vital if we are to deliver on the SDGs and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Join us for the launch of two new Notebooks on Extreme Collaboration and watch our series of panels and lectures to learn how we can turn this ambition into reality. WATCH THE VIDEO

SDG Insights Report

B Lab Global’s Insights team has created a report that leverages the thousands of users (and data points) of the SDG Action Manager to conduct a comprehensive analysis of where companies are prioritizing actions on the SDGs, how they are performing, and what they are looking to improve upon.

Download the report here in various languages:


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