Measure What Matters

How to encourage businesses to measure their impact through the B Impact Assessment.


We are thrilled to have you join us in this endeavor.  Our work together will help make it easier for every business in your network to assess and improve their impact on society and the environment.  
This guide is designed to you examples of how to incorporate the B Impact Assessment into activities of your business association.  

We believe that every business ought to measure impact just as readily as profitability, and these tools will help you communicate that our association actively encourages that principle. 

B the Change,
B Lab Staff


Easy Places to Start:

     1.  Create button/badge on your home page  (See>)
     2.  Launch via a web page (See Examples from SBN Philadelphia, Buffalo First)
     3.  Integrate in online membership / registration process  (See Example from Mission Markets >)
     4.  Incorporate into welcome emails for new and renewing members   (Download Example>)
     5.  Invite members to a webinar to learn more   (Download Example>)   
     6.  Share via a press release to build momentum to the campaign  (Download Example>)

Printed Materials

     1.  One Pager for Membership Packet   (Download Example >)
     2.  Postcards for events   (Download Example >)
     3.  Example of blurbs Printed materials including directories   (Download Example >)
     4.  Analytics to share with members, funders, and the public  (Download Example Report>)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How long will the Assessment take?  
The assessment normally takes between one and three hours to complete depending on the size of your company and other factors.  In order to keep the time spent on the assessment down, it is suggested that you estimate your answers the first time.  You will always have the opportunity to revise them later.

2. Am I required to take this Assessment?  
The assessment is of value as both an internal tool for businesses and an external report for others, including your partner organization.  As such completing it is highly recommended though it is not strictly required.

3. Some of the questions do not apply to my business.  What should I do?  
The assessment is adapted to companies based on size, market, and industry, but there may be some instances where you feel questions where you feel questions do not apply.  In those instances, please answer n/a, unknown, or none.  Because the assessment measures positive attributes of a company you are not penalized by these answers.  It is also important to note that the assessment is intended to be a reflection of past and current performance not future intentions.  

4. Do I have to become a Certified B Corporation?  
The assessment is a free to use public service for businesses provided by B Lab.  As such taking the assessment involves no commitment to become a B Corp.  More info about the certification requirements is available here