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How the B Global Network is celebrating and sharing learnings from the 2022 Best for the World™️ B Corps across regions.
By B Lab Global
August 25, 2022

The lists may have been announced in July, but the opportunity to learn from the Best for the World™️ B Corps runs all the year round.  

The B Global Network and B Corp community continue to recognize the B Corps in their regions with the highest scores across our five core impact areas — workers, customers, community, environment, and governance — through online and in-person events and activations. 

Read on for a roundup of Best for the World 2022 happenings across the globe — plus keep an eye out for more webinars, events, and panels coming up as we continue to celebrate. (And check out the full Best for the World 2022 lists here!)

What does it mean to be Best for the World? 

The achievement of Best for the World companies demonstrates leadership on social and environmental performance — both to the B Corp community and all businesses looking to improve their social and environmental impact. Around our Global Network, B Lab and Sistema B have been celebrating and sharing the significance of this achievement. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at how Best for the World B Corps across the five impact areas are being recognized for high performance in their regions:   

Fostering exceptional work environments

To be Best for the World in the Workers Impact Area, businesses demonstrate leadership in providing employee benefits and promoting workforce well-being — across compensation, benefit packages, professional development and training, and ownership opportunities, as well as day-to day factors such as job flexibility, communication, and health and safety practices.

Centering positive impact for customers 

Best for the World B Corps leading in the Customers Impact Area are businesses whose goods and services go beyond the ordinary to drive meaningful benefit in the lives of the people they serve. They listen to their customer communities and incorporate feedback, and implement safety and trust measures in their marketing and privacy policies. 

Creating companies that are integral to their communities 

To prove they’re Best for the World in the Community Impact Area, B Corps demonstrate exceptionalism in their practices in both local and global communities, relating to hiring and supply chains, social engagement, giving back, and more. 

  • On their website, B Lab UK profiles Y.O.U. Underwear, a three-employee business that became the UK’s highest-scoring B Corp when they achieved certification in November of 2021. Y.O.U. earns their high marks in the Community Impact Area through a business model that incorporates both charitable giving and in-kind donation of their underwear to organizations in Africa and the UK that help girls stay in school during their menstrual periods. 

  • B Lab Hong Kong & Macau shared a soundbite from Work for Impact, a talent platform B Corp that provides young people in countries with developing economies with pathways to job skills training. 

  • Sistema B Brasil held a webinar to celebrate their Best for the World: Community B Corps, including Papel Semente, a recycled paper manufacturer that sources material and provides income to a cooperative of garbage pickers in their local community, and eureciclo, a sustainability seal for recyclable products. 

  • Sustainability publication Youtopia highlightsHoja Verde, an environmentally friendly flower farm and Empresa B within Sistema B Ecuador that supports its local community in the country’s mountainous region by providing workforce development initiatives.  

  • Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand run down their B Corps with highest community impact, including Eat Me Chutneys, which sources produce from populations regionally and history excluded from supply chains and Who Gives A Crap, a toilet paper and tissue company that donates 50 percent of profits to sanitation charities.

  • In the U.S. & Canada B Corps, the Best For The World B Corps earning the Community accolade include Measure Meant, a social impact consulting firm that funds the salary for a part-time position at an organization serving the local Black community and Public Supply, a stationery company that donates a quarter of annual profits towards purchasing supplies for public school classrooms. U.S. & Canada also shares a livestream coffee chat with Best for the World: Community B Corp Looptworks, a zero-waste bag and apparel retailer. 

  • On November 28, 2022, B Lab UK will host a free webinar featuring learnings from Best for the World: Community B Corps in their region about reflecting high performance in this area in the B Impact Assessment. Register here! 

Going the extra mile for the environment 

Best for the World B Corps in the Environment Impact Area realize that there is no future for economic activity without a sustainable planetary system supporting all people. They work to center positive impact on climate in their business practices by doing work designed to solve environmental issues, as well as remediating climate impacts of these workstreams. 

Building a global movement where benefit is essential to business governance 

All Certified B Corps are required to embed stakeholder governance into their business models. Best for the World companies in the Governance category go above and beyond in their best practices by demonstrating exceptional stakeholder engagement and response to feedback, financial transparency, and incorporation of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in their governing bodies.  

And these activations are just the beginning — Best for the World commemorations and educational opportunities will continue throughout the B Global Network in the months to come. Connect with B Lab on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated.

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The lists are in!

Every year, B Lab recognizes the top-performing B Corps creating great impact through their businesses. Browse the lists of 2022 Best for the World ™️ B Corps.

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